Case Studies

Case Studies – The Focal Point of Your Profile

Case Studies are where your references will show and are also where you can add additional information to fully communicate the work you’ve done with your workers.

Reference System

  • When you have completed the handshake, it means the work is done and you need to leave a reference for the traveller.
  • When the traveller has written you a reference it will appear on your profile but won’t appear in your public profile until you have done the same. When both reviews are completed it will appear on your profile as a Case Study.
  • Travellers need to upgrade to full membership for their references to appear. This costs them €10 a year and how Working Traveller is paid for.
  • All host services are free on Working Traveller.

Case Studies as Visual Record

  • You cannot add to what the traveller has said about you, but you can add in a set of pictures or a video that shows what you did on the project to go with the reference.
  • The pictures you already add appear just on your profile and are separate from the reference you have been left by the traveller.
  • Pictures add credibility to your reference.
  • When you have several case studies with high ranking references and good clear pictures showing what you did with the traveller, this will make all the difference for getting the best talent moving around the world for your next season.

Digital Signature

  • As you know, there is a lot of talk about sites like Trip Advisor and Airbnb around the subject of ‘fake’ profiles to push hosts up the ratings list.
  • We thought about that here at Working Traveller and built in a ‘digital signature’ into the logo.  The logo is your hand making the letters W and T. When a traveller comes to stay with you – take a nice smiling picture of the two of you making the WT digital signature together side by side. It shows beyond all doubt that they came and worked at your place and the reference they left you is real. It makes all the difference to future travellers, reassuring them that all your references and case studies are real.

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