If a picture is worth a thousand words – a video is a book

Under the section ‘Gallery’ in your profile you can add three kinds of media to your profile page and case studies.

Picture Gallery

Click on My Working World and on the main navigation on your profile you will find Galleries linked second from the right, next to ‘Settings’. Click on the Gallery link and you will then see all the functions available to you.
  • Here you can add galleries to your profile and upload pictures smaller than 2MB. You can make a gallery called “random pics of my projects” and upload pics from previous work that you have done with travelling workers. A gallery called “Restoring my Mustang” or “The beach house we built” will show travellers you have been doing to show what kind of skills you used before you get any references on Working Traveller.
  • Once you have completed some work with a traveller and received a review, it becomes a case study for others to see in the future. Go to each case study when logged in and you will be able to add links to any galleries you have already created.

Video Gallery

  • Here you can add your YouTube video links into a video gallery and it will appear in your profile and any case studies you have once you have received some references.

Audio Gallery

  • If you have a smart phone, you can make a recording of the projects you have completed and tell people how you all worked as a team to get the job done. Add the file to your profile and case studies to give travellers an insight into what your working environment is really like.
  • Not many people bother with the audio gallery, so it can give you the edge in attacking the best travellers with the skills you need.

How to create a new Gallery

  • Click on My Working World, then select ‘Gallery’. You will then see a sub navigation menu. Select ‘Create a Gallery’, it is pretty straight forward as to what you have to do to upload your pictures, video or audio.
  • Keep your images lower than 2mb.

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