References ratings

Your references are everything when it comes to getting the pick of the best workers.

When you complete a handshake and the work is done. You need to leave a reference for the traveller and they for you. Travellers will give rate you on three different areas.  

Skills Used

  • You will be rated on whether the work you set actually allowed the traveller to use the skills you said they would need. If you said you needed a rocket scientist but got them doing carpentry, you will get a low score. If you said you needed a fruit picker and you gave them an orchard full of apple trees to pick from, you will score a 10/10.

Work Conditions

  • Here you are rated for how you worked with them. Did you treat them with respect and were you fair with them? If you expected them to work really hard, but you rewarded them appropriately, you should get a high rating. If they worked 10 hours a day yet felt great at the end of the day for what they achieved, then again you will get a good rating here. Good boss’s who are very professional and inspire travellers, get a good rating. Unfair boss who mess travellers around by not being organised and then blame them for not getting the work done, get a low rating.


  • Travellers will also rate your accommodation. If you said it was basic and it is what you said it would be, you should still get a good rating. Basically, as long as the accommodation is what you say it will be like, you should score well here.

These are the following guidelines for giving points.

  • If the traveller did exactly what they said they would do and did it without the need for checking up on them then give them 10 out of 10. This is not the Olympics, if they did what you wanted, give them 10 out of 10 and help them on their way.
  • If the traveller did what they said they would do… just, but needed checking more than normal and required extra time to show them what to do – then give them 7.5 out of 10.
  • If the traveller didn’t do what they said they would do. Didn’t work even when supervised and needed constantly showing what to do- then give them 5 out of 10.
  • Anything lower than 5 means they are of no value to the next host and it will probably ruin their profile – so make sure you only give them a low number if they really where quite useless.

When you leave your review for the traveller, you will rate them on the following.

Skills used
  • Were they able to do the skill they said they could do? If they claimed to be a rocket scientist but did not get the rocket off the ground, give them a low score. If they said they could pick fruit all day long and they picked fruit all day long and then carried it all back to the house after dark without being asked, give them a 10/10 here.
Punctuality and Work Ethic
  • This reference can help travellers when they finally get back home and start looking for a job. Give 10/10 to people who worked hard when not supervised and who helped keep the work tempo up and spirits high.
  • Give low points for travellers who, for whatever reason could never get out of bed and turn up for work on time and who disappeared whenever the boss wasn’t around.
Decision Making
  • One of the most important attributes in a worker is “Can you make a decision? and, more importantly, can you make a right decision?” Give low points for the person who sat all day and said, “I didn’t know which barrel to put the apples in.” Give low points for the one who put the apples in the wrong barrel because they did not check with you which one they should have used. Give 10/10 to the person who really tried to get hold of you to ask which barrels to use and when they could not find you, swept the yard and cleaned the toilets until you turned up. There is a time to ask the boss what to do and a time to make the decision yourself. High ratings should be given to travellers who come to the host with solutions to problems and not just problems.

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