Work Placements

Work Placements

It might seem a bit confusing at first but it is very simple and once you understand how it all works you will see how quickly it is to set up a new work posting with the skills you need and then when travellers communicate with you, to make a “work placement agreement” with as many travellers as you want.

  • Each Work Post shows exactly what skills you need, when you need them and when a traveller clicks on the work post, and starts to communicate with you, it becomes a unique copy of the work post and now becomes the basis of what you agree to do with the traveller who is coming to stay with you. This we call a work placement. So like in the real world, you have Job ads and contracts that detail how it will work for just you. We do the same. 
  • Instead of putting on your profile “We need help at harvest time, and sometimes help with running the laundry” you create 2 work posts on your profile. For example:
    • Chamber maid needed for laundry – August 1st to August 30th.
    • Fruit picker – Oct 1st to Nov 5th
  • This shows exactly what you need.  Each work post appears in the work search results so you will only be contacted by travellers who are looking for the type of work you are offering and so book the right people at the right times.
  • The work post stays live until you have filled the number of people you want for it. So say you want 5 workers for harvest time. When you confirm the last one, you will be asked ” do you want to remove this work post?” You click yes and it is removed from the work search.


The Four Parts of Work Placements

The four components of the Work Placements section are as follows. You will find them all under the main menu heading called Work Placements.


  • Add Work: This is where you create a new work posting so that travellers can find you work needs on the Traveller Search page.
  • Listings:  This is the Dashboard from which you can manage all the work posts. You can delete and edite any existing posts here.
  • Work Placements: Once a traveller has requested to do some work with you a copy of the work post will appear in this sectoin. You can change the details to suit you and the individual travellers and when all done, you can confirm the work placement.
  • References:  Once the work has been completed, you both leave references for each other, which then become a reference on your profile. You can add galleries to the reference once it is live for other travellers to see more details.


Marketing your Work Placement


Once you have posted your work placement, you need to let the world know about it. Below are a few things you can do to make sure travellers find your work placement posting.

  1. Make sure you have all the right skills added to the work placement. If it is  general agricultural work , don’t just add ‘fruit picking’ have ‘agriculture’ as a skill so all searches made for ‘agriculture’ will have your work placement appear in the searches.
  2. Be as clear as you can about what the work is and what you will provide in return. You need to make sure your work placement looks attractive to travellers to want to come and work at your place. be positive in your description and always truthful.
  3. Contact Host Support and ask for your work posting to be added to our Social Media and blog posts that currently reach over 25,000 travellers and is growing every day.  It costs nothing and will get your work placement  a lot of exposure and hopefully several travellers contacting you with the skills you need.
  4. Post the link to your work placement on your own web site and own social media. This means you can find people from outside of WT yet still manage the whole process using WT as any one who finds your post will sign up to WT and contact you in the usual way as it’s free. This means you track all your messages and agreements for what they will do through the handshake making sure you and the traveller are clear on what needs to be done.
  5. Build your references – this is key. Once you have over 5 references with an average of 8 or higher your pin will appear as a different colour in searches and really stand out.

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