How to add a work post

Add Work – Tell Travellers Exactly What You Need Doing And When

This is probably the most important part of  your profile as a host. It is through this page that you create your work placements and add what skills you need and when you need them.

Here is an example Work Posting:



Travellers then find your work posting in the Work Search when searching for work using their skills in your country in the time they will be there.

  • Complete Information: Make sure that you complete all of the sections and are clear about what you need doing and the skills required to get the work done.
  • Start Date & Duration: Set the starting date and number of days you think it will take.
    • This can always be changed if you find somebody suitable and they can’t make it exactly when you have advertised.
    • It can’t be changed after a handshake has been agreed on so be sure to edit it to reflect whatever agreement you make with a traveller so there is no misunderstanding.
  • Address & Location: Your address and location on the map should already be set according to your profile details. Make sure that they are correct though, as the traveller will need to know exactly how to get to you.
    • If the work you need doing is not at your location, change the address for each work posting so it appears in when travellers are searching in that part of the world.
    • Maybe you run a business where you place English speaking teachers in schools all over your country. You can make a work posting for each location and add it here allowing you to have 100’s of work postings all over the place from one profile.

Working Traveller – Learn to earn your way around the world

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