Listings – Managing Your Work Listings and Handshakes

This is the Dashboard from which you can manage all the Handshakes you have created with Travellers.
  • Name: This is what you called your work placement and should reflect what you need in terms of skills and the work.
  • Duration: This is the time you set for an upcoming work placement – how long you need the person there.
    • If you did not say for how long, it will say no limit.
    • If you want to change the length of time of the work placement, click ‘edit’.
  • Post Date: The day you created the work placement posting.
  • Start Date: The day the work placement needs to start as in ‘1st July, beginning  of the season’.
  • Address: Where you have set the work placement to take place. Defaults to your host location, but the work can be anywhere in the world
  • Status: When you create a work placement posting and you have not filled the position, it will show as ‘Active‘.
    • You can edit or cancel the posting by clicking on the relevant link to the right of the status heading.
    • When you and a traveller have accepted a handshake and agreed to do the work it will show as ‘Traveller Selected‘. The button to the right of the Status heading will show ‘handshake’. If you click on that link it will show you the details of the handshake that you have agreed with the traveller.
    • When the handshake is completed, it will show ‘Completed‘ and will not be editable as it has become a case study.

Working Traveller – Learn to earn your way around the world

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