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Working Traveller’s Initial Coin Offering  was going to take place on the Ethereum platform at 5.00 pm  UK (GMT+0)  on August 24th 2017. But we were just not ready for it. We are a serious company and we have realised there is a lot more to an ICO than creating a wallet and off you go.


The ICO will take place…. some time in the future. Until we have have time to work through exactly how this will all work to the benefit of our users and shareholders the offering is on hold. I am sorry to the 100s of people who have registered for this ICO and I hope you will understand you only do this once and so need to get it right first time. We will be in touch with every one who has registered and will inform you when we are ready to go. If you are interesting in investing in Working Traveller through the ICO please register below. If you are interested in investing in Working Traveller through more conventional ways please contact me at duncan at


Duncan Ridgley

 “The Gap Year Game Changer”

WT is shaking up the work and travel industry – see our white paper here to find out how


Watch  2 min explainer video

How Working Traveller works:

  • Working Traveller (WT) enables any person from the age of 18 to 80 to learn a skill, earn from a skill or share their skills as they travel around the world with millions of small businesses ( hosts) that have short term skill needs they cannot source locally.
  • It used to be help with the harvest or an extra person on reception in peak season, but Working Traveller is slowly changing this and linking up people who are travelling around the world with unique skills with the hosts that need them.
  • The plan is to create through our skills sectoin, training cources to show people how to learn the skills that our hosts desperately need. For example statistics say 1 in 5 hotels will have bed bugs at any one time.  It takes about a week to learn how to rid a hotel of bed bugs with using any chemicals, just sugar, yeast and some know how. How many hotels do you think would be happy to pay someone to come and fix this problem for them in areas where there are no expensive pesticide companies? One in five maybe?
  • We now have 45,000 travellers, 4,000 hosts and 1,700 live work posts within the community. This is just the start. The opportunity is huge. There are 100s of millions of people who would love to work and travel to learn news kills and gain relevant work references – we just need to let them know, now they can. As you know the world is changing and small business need to be more competitive – they now need many short term skills to set up and help them manage themselves into the digital age. It’s a huge opportunity to match these people together and… thats exactly what we are doing.

We aim to raise $150,000 for 10% of equity in the company

This capital will be used for the following:

Marketing – $75,000

  • Awareness campaigns to graduates about to leave for their Gap Year. Goal is to sign up an additional 150,000 new users to the platform.
  • Recruit 10,000 new hosts to the network
  • Establish WT as an Ethereuem investment opportunity similar to Airbnb and Uber where in the early days and prepare a larger coin offering in early 2018.

Development – $40,000

  • Create our own block chain linking in existing reference system.
  • Introduce cryptocurrency ‘tokens’. Travellers and hosts can then exchange their value within the community with out transaction costs.
  • Complete additional technical features listed in the Working Traveller White Paper.
  • Build the mobile app and launch to existing user base for beta testing.

Community / Help pages – $5,000

  • Weekly training webinars for hosts & travellers.
  • How to videos – “To get the best of your volunteers” and “How to earn money as you travel the world”.
  • Champion mentoring – Our WT hero’s need to spread the word – we will be working with 100s of travellers and hosts to document their stories and share their success within the WT community.

Staff/ servers  – $30,000

  • The team is currently quit small. One of the needs to raise funds is to grow the team to move the needle on user growth as well as develop the block chain technology and mobile app.

All funds raised will be used to build the Working Traveller user base and make the service better and not be used for anything else. Monthly expenditure accounts will be available.

$150,00 to do all of the above?
Is that possible?
Yes is the answer.


  • Working Traveller has 50,000 users and growing every day. It has taken many years of bootstrapping to build the sites services and position the brand. WT does not need a huge amount of work to get us to the next stage of 200,000 users and revenue generation.
  • We will introduce storing each travellers and hosts references alog with the WT token currency using the  blockchain within this funding as the reference system and “ Value exchange” systems are already built and live.

See our global following


Why invest in Working Traveller?

  • To get from zero to 50,000 people in a social network is the hardest hurdle, no one wants to hang out… with nobody. We have done it and created a work and travel community that has hundreds of active users using it every day. There are ICO’s raising 10s of millions on ideas, we are looking to raise a max of 1m and are way past the ‘idea’ stage.
  • It’s a good idea and its happening.
  • We have bootstrapped WT for a few years and… we did it. We made it happen and created a company worth $1.5m. Once we raise $150,000 the number of users will be more like 1m, that in turn will significantly raise the value of the company and therefore the value of the tokens you have purchased in the company that you can sell on the main exchanges at any time. Yes it not guaranteed, but the rewards are huge.
  • You will make lots of money.
  • We have been approached by a large recruitment company in South Africa who represent 1.5m South Africans looking for work. They will be letting them all know about Working Traveller. This confirms that what we are offering is unique and in very much in demand. How often do you get a call saying “ Can I introduce your service to 1.5m people?”
  • Airbnb and Uber, were “Good ideas”.
  • The Gap Year industry, a large part of it as I am sure you are aware if you have ever met someone who paid thousands for an organised trip – a bit of a rip off. Working Traveller is the game changer in this area – we charge $10 a year to get you work booked up all over the world in currently over 100 countries.
  • Take a punt, you can invest $10 if want.
    Working Traveller is helping hundreds now and will help millions of young people work and travel the world in the future!
  • You know where I live, you know its all going into the cause.

Working Traveller Business model:

1. Freemium – providing free services to gain market share and additional services and features the travellers and hosts pay for when they will need these services. See white paper for more details.
2. Affiliates – We are creating potentially the largest mobile work force in the world. It sounds ambitious, but it is possible from the traction and interest we have had so far. Couch Surfing has 14m – has grown through word of month. Our target is 20M + workers united together moving around the world spending a small fortune each year in travel and accommodation. We will not only know where they are but will know where they are going next and so can provide them with affiliate discounts from airlines etc due to our negating position. The bigger the community gets the more powerful the connection becomes and the data stored on the block chain in terms of what it can provide our users and the revenues it can generate. For more details on our business model see the White paper.


We use WT volunteers at our hotel in Transylvania where the company is based. For your peace of mind to know ” Where we live” as such, have a look at the hotel website here . Duncan has also written a book called Somewhere Different about how he started out as a Working Traveller and if you really want to see that he lives where he says he does – here is a short documentary shot in Romanian that talks about his life in the village of  Breb where he lives.


Working Traveller is different from most ICOs as the core offering of what we provide is already live and working.

Blockchain technology will fit nicely at the core of Working Travellers offering providing a decentralised resume / cv system that cannot be forged for young people to gain relevant work experience references. We will be using Blockchain technology within the site  in three ways.

ICO Equity tokens 

WT will be listed on all major Ethereum exchanges where we will sell equity in the service to raise additional funds at a higher valuation  than the ICO to make it all happen.

WT references records held on the WT Distributed Ledger

We have a system live on the site now to track each travellers references when they work with hosts. As blockchain technology becomes more main stream the expectation of ‘proving’ something on the Internet will expect the data to be record and stored in a Distributed Ledger on the Blockchain. One of the first things that will happen after raising funds will be to transfer the existing reference system from a Msql database and on to the WT Distributed Ledger.

WT tokens ( not equity tokens)

We currently have and “Exchange Value” system working on the site.  Adding a currency will allow any one to purchase Working Traveller tokens to add to their profile wallet at any time and use them to do the following:

If you are volunteering – meaning you work for bed and food, so not payment. You can use your tokens to make a pledge that you would show up. If you don’t – you loose the tokens that are given to the host in compensation.
If you are working for a host and are being paid – you agree the amount of tokens you will be paid in advance and they are held in escrow and released to the traveller when the work has been completed.
If you want to stay with a host and not work – you can pay them to stay with tokens you have earned from other hosts or that you purchased and added to your wallet.

If you gain many tokens, either through working as a traveller or renting a room out as a host, you can cash the tokens in for real money at any time. Hence the name  Working Traveller – you travel, you work, you earn money 🙂


Education system in the UK was set up in 1870 to prepare children for the new labour needs of the industrial revolution.

It is seen as one of the best examples in the world. The underlying system has not been updated to deal with the 21st century. Ask any teacher and they will tell you it has got worse. We all know a lot of Universities are now run as businesses with a priority of gaining higher tuition fees each year.

Generation Z needs a real education – more than ever. They need to ‘learn how to earn’ in this ever changing highly specialist world – not learn how to remember information and write it down in an exam. Services like treehouse and then moving on to upwork and are great examples of how people are turning to alternative education systems to learn real skills that they can use to make a living. Until now there has been nothing for people we want learn skills in say the hospitality industry, farming etc without going through a formal course charging high fees. How better to help these young people learn their new trades by enabling them to travel around the world gaining valuable work experience from 1000s of mentors willing to give them their time in return for their hard work.

Working Traveller is merging three key areas Travel – Education – Work enabling millions of people to do all three at the same time. Learn new skills and then earn or teach those skills as they travel building up a history of work experience and references on the Working Traveller distributed ledger so they can use these highly credible references for a job when they get back home.

Our mission is to provide a pragmatic alternative to the classic education system by providing millions of work experience opportunities to people hungry to learn earn or share their skills as they work and travel their way around the world.


Terms and Conditions

The Working Traveller Token Asset (WRTA) will be available through our ICO some time in the near future until the sale hard cap of 300,000 tokens is reached. During the crowdsale, only Ether (ETH) tokens will be accepted for payment, which will be available at specific set prices shown below. The crowdsale address is released to all who register for the ICO.

Working Traveller is a service with an existing 50,000 user-base.  The proceeds of the 300,000 tokens sold will be utilised to support, expand and market the services only. WRTA will be issued in three tranches throughout the course of the sale. The following prices in ETH are approximate and will be confirmed on the company’s sale website 24 hours prior to the beginning of the sale event due to price fluctuations:

The first 100,000 WRTA at 0.0075 ETH
The second 100,000 WRTA at 0.0175 ETH
The third 100,000 WRTA at 0.025 ETH

WRTA will be an ERC20-compliant token issued from and managed by a contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network. Each token is divisible by 6 decimal points representing one unit of equity in the company and where the total number of tokens issued during the ICO crowdsale, if all sold, will constitute a 30% stake of the company’s equity.

1 million tokens have already been issued to existing investors and founders. Within the Ethereum contract we have included another 6 batches of 100,000 tokens that can be sold to raise additional funds for the service only. They cannot be issued to any existing investor, founder etc and can only be sold at 10x the price of the last sale.The total supply of all tokens is fixed at 1,999,950. This allows us to raise significant additional funds if needed at the same time guaranteeing the value of the tokens sold at the ICO will be protected and  rise at least 10x every time we raise additional funds, as and when and if needed.

Work your way around the world
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