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Cats, cats, cats -- it's all about the cats. And the beach. Cat Beach Sanctuary is a 'last resort' for cats rescued from desperate situations. A no kill, volunteer run sanctuary located in a somewhat remote fishing village (but not far from tourist attractions), volunteers from around the world make a real difference in the lives of 150 plus cats in projects ranging from admin, building, groundskeeping, cat care, and outreach.

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    Volunteers need to understand that we cannot promise cat-free accommodations. Currently we have an upstairs "dorm" type room with beds and mattresses, some couches and cots downstairs, and some space for tents or hammocks outside -- all of course with possible kitty companions. Long-termers may be able to stay at an apartment nearby. Several inexpensive homestays are walking distance from Cat Beach if volunteers need better accommodations. While we cannot do regular meals, no one ever needs to starve at Cat Beach if you are on a tight budget. We do provide a basic kitchen with utensils and basic staples like noodles and peanut butter usually available for cooking on your own or shared with other volunteers -- and there is a great morning market which has very inexpensive fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken. Many hawker stalls and small cafes in the town and 10 minutes away is the tourist resort of Batu Ferringhi with many different ethnic restaurants. Try the many kinds of food; Penang is in the top 10 best places in the world to eat!

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    Dorm bed

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    Cook own food

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    Volunteers welcome year-round. Many tasks available for all level of skills including housekeeping and cleaning, admin and outreach computer work, building, painting and repairs, gardening, outreach, and most importantly, cat care and medications. As we encourage visitors, volunteers also help out in the Cat Cafe, 2nd Chances Charity Store, and the Seacats Art Gallery as well as arts and crafts projects to beautify the sanctuary. Knowledge about eco-friendly practices and how to implement them could be a real contribution as we transform an old wooden house and surroundings into a special place for cats and humans to interact.

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