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Host overview

We are creating a sustainable self-sufficient monkey and wildlife rescue center and permaculture farm that is currently supported by volunteer lead horse tours through the jungle to the beach. We will be building tree cabins and animal enclosures in the tree canopy connected by hanging sky bridges. Our "village in the trees" will treat and care for arboreal wildlife in their own environment. This will encourage natural habits from the start. We are located just 1/2 mile from the beach where there is fishing, snorkeling, swimming, rock climbing, hiking and spear fishing.


What we provide

How we work

Since it's all new, nothing is producing much food yet, so until we are producing enough food to feed the volunteers, we require that volunteers contribute no more than $20 per week toward communal food.

We raise and process our own meat here like a conventional farm, so this is not a suitable place for vegans. We’ve already acquired some horses, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, koi, tilapia, and both egg and meat chickens, turkeys and ducks. We also have two farm dogs and two cats.

The wooden housing facilities are very primitive and rustic. There are cracks in the wavy floors and holes in the screens. The good news is that the roof doesn’t leak! The primary volunteer house has two single beds in the tiny main room; and a separate tiny room with four more twin beds. This house has electricity, water and a shared bathroom.

There is a rustic wooden loft in the barn above the communal galley with one king size mattress. It's not private, but is fairly comfortable.

There are three hammocks set up at the barn which are quite comfy or if you have your own tent or a hammock there are dozens of beautiful and very private potential natural camp sites. To have the most "alone time" and/or privacy, the best way to go is a private camp site on the farm with a 4-man or larger tent.

For now, we have one bathroom in the volunteer house and a composting toilet outside. There are several water faucets and sinks around the farm (with excellent drinking water), as well as two outdoor showers beside the volunteer house. Both the volunteer house and the barn have electricity.

There is an outdoor communal kitchen area, with a large grill, gas 4-burner stove, slow cooker, large griddle, microwave, toaster oven, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, tables and a refrigerator for common use. You may cook your own food, however most of the volunteers choose to pool everything together and then a volunteer is chosen to cook for everyone to keep costs low.

Amenities: We currently have bicycles, and are trying to get more donated. There are two body boards, some snorkeling gear, fishing gear, a weight bench, and miles of natural trails. We have good Wi-Fi available at the farm.

Languages Spoken

English (Mother Tongue) Spanish (Mother Tongue) French (Mother Tongue)