Editing Points

Help Build Our ‘Work In?’ Section and Get Free Full Membership

Editing pages in the Work In? section helps the Working Traveller community by giving other travellers information on where you have been and how you earned your way.

How do I earn editing points?

  • Write and publish content in the Work in? Wiki pages.
  • You need to edit your home county page first. If you wish to apply to edit a region or country go to the correct page in the Work in? section and apply to be a moderator from there. We need to see you have already edited your home county page and your profile needs to be 100% complete before we will consider you for moderator status for other areas in the world.
  • There is a log on each Wiki page to show who has made any changes. It is also shown on your profile.

Where do my editing points appear?

  • Editing points appear on your profile so that travellers and hosts can see your contribution to the WT community.
  • Combined with your Reference Rating and Barter Points, your Editing Points will build your reputation as a Working Traveller.

How to get free full membership through editing

  • Each word added to the site earns 1 point.
  • 2,000 points earns you a year’s full membership. Once you have completed 2,000 words, send us a message and we will check the writing you have produced. If it is in order, we will upgrade your account to full membership.

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