Editing your Profile

Get your profile right – it makes the difference between getting work or paying your way

Make sure you fill in all the sections in My Working World, in particular the Where and When: let hosts know where you will be in the world and when. This helps ensure that potential hosts can find the information they need to know about you without having to send you a message asking “are you coming to my country in the summer?”

What’s Required In Order to Appear in Work Search

When you first register, there are several reminders at the top of your profile page telling you which parts of your profile have not yet been filled in yet. Follow the “Lets do this” links and fill in as many details as you can in each section. Once these are finished, your profile can appear in the Work Search results. let's do this
  • Validate Your Email: Click the link to send an account verification email to yourself. Just go to your email and click the link in the email from Working Traveller to fully activate your account. If you signed up through Facebook, you do not have to do this.
  • Set Your Home Country & Region: Choose your Continent, Country, and Region from the drop-down boxes.
  • Add skills to your profile: Select the skills you have and the ones you want to learn. Hosts will search for these skills and find you that way.
  • Set up and complete your Profile on Working Traveller: Fill in the simple details about yourself.
    • Details: Provide your name and general information.
    • Brief CV: Your ‘Brief CV’ is one of the most important parts of your profile as it appears in work search results and is the first thing hosts will read about you when they find you in the searches.
      • Full CV: Copy and paste your full CV here so hosts can see everything you have done so far.
      • Barter Points: Indicate what you want to charge  in terms of Barter Points from hosts. More info on Barter Points can be found in this Barter Points Help Article.
      • About me: Working Traveller is all about getting work, but hosts will also want to know what type or person you are outside of working hours. You may be living in close quarters together so this can affect their selection criteria. List your hobbies, what you like to read, listen to and your general outlook on life. Keep it positive and to the point.

Navigating Your Working Traveller Profile


  • Click on this link to see what your profile looks like when hosts find you in the Work Search.


  • This section lets you edit all the text fields in your profile. Make sure you fill in both sections called ‘Details’ and ‘Traveller Info’ described above.

Location Settings

  • Use this to set your where and when location. This is essential as hosts need to know exactly where you will be in the world and when, so they can see when you are coming their way. Remember, they can search for you too, so it’s in your interest to update this area.

Change Avatar / Profile Picture

  • Add a picture showing what you look like, maybe working? You can add additional pictures to the Gallery section, which shows hosts what kind of work you’ve done and how you’re a team player .

Editing Points

  • When you make an edit any pages in the Work In wiki section, a link to your website will appear in the contributors box on that page.

Full member

  • It shows you what your member status is and where you can upgrade to full member for €10 a year, once you want your references to appear in your profile.


  • If you want to sign up to be an expert, use this section.


  • If you want us to hold contact numbers for you in case we get contacted by a host if you are ill and need help.


  • Host can search for travellers by language. Make sure you put what languages you can speak in here and at what level.
  • If you only speak English but you are learning Spanish, put that in as well at a beginner level.

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