We are all travellers and we all have mothers.

Let them know they can be contacted if you need them.

The Emergency section of your Working Traveller profile is only used in extreme situations, where Hosts need to contact someone on your behalf. That is to say, only in case of an emergency.

  • The emergency section of your profile can only be accessed by a few people at Working Traveller.
  • Hosts are told we may have a contact number in the case of an emergency and someone needs to call home on the traveller’s behalf.
  • If we are contacted by a host, we will never give out the contact numbers. We will do the following:

Step 1:  We will never give out your details to the host. If we are contacted, the first thing we will do is try and contact you, no matter what the host says.

Step 2:  If you cannot be contacted by our staff, only then will we send a message to the first name in your emergency list and try and let them know the situation. We will pass on the host’s details so they can be in contact.

Step 3:  If we cannot contact the first person in your list, then we will then try and contact the second person.

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