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Set Your Location So You appear In the Right Work Searches

“Where is home?” As a traveller, this can be a tricky question. Telling Hosts where you are from tells them something about you and shows that you are a real person looking to experience a different culture.

  • Select the country/region/county that you call home and then, once you have saved your country, it will appear like magic in the window below. Use the pin to locate exactly where you call home, press the save button again, and you’re done.
  • Due to the magical mysteries of online mapping, sometimes our records do not match those of Google. When this happens, Google maps gets confused and locates your pin in a place called Coffeeyville. See why here – connection between Coffeyville and Google. If this happens for your home location, it is especially important that you relocate the pin to exactly where it should be.
  • Remember you need to fill in your Where and When section to show hosts where you will be in the world and when, otherwise if they’re looking for workers in, say, France, you’ll show as being in your hometown and not contact you as you don’t show as coming their way.

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