What is a Work Placement?

A Work Placement is an agreement between host and traveller

A work placement confirms that you agreed to come and work with a Host. It includes the work has been offered and what you’ll be given in return for your time. It also shows the host you want to get a good reference from them, giving them confidence in your abilities and work ethic.

If you break your agreement and do not show up, when the host cancels the work placement and a thumbs down will appear on your profile. So, if you are going to be a day or two late, let them know asap 😉

Below is how you set up and complete a work placement. If you’re not sure why you should make a work placement agreement with a Host – please read Why use WT? before you read below.

Request a Work Placement

Find the host you want to work with in ‘Work Search’ and request a work placement from the work posting you are interested in.

  • A host might do this before you. If so, you will receive a message saying you have been requested to for a work placement with host X for work placement Y.
  • Either way. when you click on the work placement, if accepted – it is a commitment, so make sure the details of the work placement are correct and the dates you have agreed to arrive and depart are correct.

Do the Work

  • Once you have accepted to the work placement, you need to keep your word. Turn up, do the work, do your best, and when you’re finished click on “end work placement.”
  • Take pictures of the work you have done and get a shot of the famous digital signature with your host to 100% prove you were there with WT and did the work your review shows.

If You’re A No-Show

  • If you do not show up, or the host calls and says the work is off, click “Cancel” on the listing in the work placement section in your profile. This will give you or the host a thumbs down, depending on who broke the deal.

Leave a Reference

When the work is done and you have clicked on “end work placement,” you’re asked to leave a reference for the host. They may have already left you a reference, but you will not see it until you have sent your own review. This keeps each side from writing ‘revenge’ reviews if one of you receives a review that is not as positive as you had hoped.

  • If you have written the host’s review and yours is not showing in our profile, you can send them a message and nicely ask them to leave a review for you. They are busy people, and sometimes busy people need reminding 😉
  • If you are unfortunate and you stay with a host for whom you really need to leave a bad review – and they know it – contact Host Support and request your review be posted on their profile without them creating one for you.
  • This will make sure any ‘bad hosts’ are quickly revealed in Working Traveller and help fellow travellers avoid falling into the same bad situation. Remember 99% of hosts are great and such cases are the exception to the rule, but it does happen. So please make sure you do your bit for the travelling community and help us show up any hosts that are no good.

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