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Let hosts know when you will be in their area

Hosts are busy people. They don’t have time to spend hours talking to travellers who might be coming to their country some time next month or next year. They want to know when you are coming to their part of the world, without having to persuade you. One of the biggest complaints we get from hosts is when they receive the “Sorry, my plans have changed and I am off to South America now…” message.

Hosts all know you travellers are moving around – but a working traveller works smart and knows roughly where they will be and when. Hosts like that and will pick you over someone who is not sure if they will be visiting their part of the world or not. It makes all the difference and takes you no more than 20 minutes to fill in your travel plans for the next year or two.

Why Fill in Where & When

If you do not fill in the ‘Where and When’ part of your profile, it is less likely you will be contacted by Hosts, as they are interested in people they can actually work with. Think of it like this: if you don’t fill out your ‘Where and When,’ your profile won’t show up in the Work Search, which is based on times and locations.

You are not forced to fill in the ‘Where and When’ section of your profile before you can contact Hosts. This is because you may well still be at home and depending on what work you get lined up will determine where and when you will be at the Host’s location.

Below are the three stages of the Where & When section

  1. Go to your MWW page in your profile when you are logged in.
  2. Select the “Lets do this” action next to Let Hosts know where you will be, and when or click on the ‘Where and When’ section on the main MWW navigation bar.
  3. Three sub-menus will appear:
    • Handshakes
    • Case Studies
    • My Itinerary

The My Itinerary Section

Add Entry:
  Set where you are now:
    • Name – Each time you click on ‘Add Entry’  you are adding the next location you will be travelling to. The first time you click on ‘Add Entry’ it is a bit different, as you are setting where you are now – not where you are going next. Maybe you are still at home or on a beach in Asia. Where ever you are, give it a short descriptive name like Home or Ko Samui.
    • Travel by – Leave this unselected, you are not travelling anywhere now so it does not matter.
    • Star Date – Select today’s date.
    • End Date – Select the day of your leaving party or the date on your flight ticket 🙂
    • Location – Select the continent you are in, it will then let you choose which country you are in and then what region. Once you have selected the region a map will load with a red pin. Move the pin to your exact location.
    • Check Availability –  To save your location, click on the ‘check availability’ button, this will check if you have said you will be somewhere else at this time. Working Traveller does not see releasing the ‘Time machine’ app any time soon 🙂 Once the system can see you are not showing up any where else in the world for this time it will let you save you location and it will appear on your profile.
First Entry:
    • Name – You call this where you are going first in the world. If your not sure where you are going in Africa yet, but you know Africa is the first place you will be travelling to, just call it Africa. If you know you will be working at Mohammed’s farm in Egypt type ‘ Mohammed’s farm Egypt’.
    • Travel by – Air or ground? This shows a Host whether you will be passing through their country by road, or at 30,000 feet. It also has a different coloured line on your travel map. So if you are leaving London by road and going to Italy, some one Germany can see you will be passing their way or flying over them.
    • Start date Type the date you are available for work, not the day you arrive. Maybe you want to party for the first week with friends.
    • End date Type the date you think you will be leaving Africa. Sure you may not know exactly when yet, but you can always come back and update your dates when your plans change.
    • Location – If you know which country you are travelling to first, then select it. Hosts prefer travellers who know where they will be in the world and when. But if you don’t know yet, that is fine, just select Africa and all hosts in Africa looking for WT in the time you have said you will be there will find you in the Work Search section.
    • Press the check availability button to make sure you have not already planned to be somewhere else. As it’s your first entry, we know you will not be somewhere else, still click ‘check availability’ as it’s the way to save your listing.
  All Other Itinerary Entries
    • Select ‘Add entry’ again and type in ‘Thailand’, ‘Malaysia’ or wherever you will be going for the second stage of your journey. You could be as general as Asia or as specific as a certain hostel.
    • Select travel type. Ground or Air.
    • When you have added the dates for the time you will be in this new location, press the check availability button to make sure you have not already planned to be somewhere else.
    • Now you have more than one entry, your route will start to show on your travel map. Click on ‘View Travel Map’ to see how it will look to Hosts (and your friends when you show them).
    • Add each location you know you will be going to and try and keep it as accurate as you can. If you put Asia, you could be contacted by a Host in China when you’re actually going to Thailand. If you really are willing to work anywhere in Asia then put Asia, as you will come up in more searches for your skills during your chosen time period.
    • Remember, if you do fill in where you will be in the world, and when, hosts will not find you in the work searches and you will not be contacted by hosts.
View All:
    • If you would like to view all your itinerary listings past and present click here. If you want to see just the active itinerary, when you click ‘View All’ then click ‘View only Active’.
View Travel Map:
On your public profile, the one Hosts see – you have an interactive map. It shows your route around the world, where you will be staying, and for how long. The information you add in the itinerary section appears in the Work Search section and allows Hosts to find when you will be in their area and what skills you have that can be of help to them.
  • To see what it looks like, click the ‘View Travel Map’ to check it is all correct.
Generate Report:
  • This will produce a PDF of your itinerary if you are travelling where there is no internet or you want to leave a list of where you will be with your family.
  • Select the dates you want to show and then click ‘Generate Report’. This will produce a PDF with each destination listed along with the dates you plan to arrive and leave.


This section will be empty until you make some Handshakes with the Host you will be working for. Like an eBay auction agreement, a finalised Handshake means both of you need to keep to what you have agreed to, as you will both get feedback on what you have made a hand shake on. A Handshake acts as a reminder of what you have agreed and when you are supposed to start and finish.

Case Studies

This section will be empty until you have completed some handshakes.
  • Case Studies become relevant once you have completed your handshake, kept to the deal, and completed the work.
  • You both leave references for each other which then become a case study.
  • Go to the Case Studies page to see how you add galleries to the case study for other Hosts to see.

In Conclusion

Make sure you update your Itinerary whenever it changes, no matter how small the change is so as to not waste your time and the Hosts who will contact you when you are already booked up.

Due to the complexity of our search system, our records sometimes do not match those of Google. When this happens Google maps gets confused and locates your pin in a place called Coffeyville. See why here – connection between Coffeyville and Google. If this happens for your itinerary location, it is especially important that you relocate the pin to exactly where it should be.

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