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Working in Berlin is not as easy as it used to be a few years ago.

However, it is still very possible, even for non-German speakers.

Year-round, there is a need for people speaking a variety of languages from all around the world, for the many call-centers located in Berlin. Though this is not a dream job, it pays well, especially considering the low cost of living in Berlin. It also has the added advantage of helping one settled into a new environment.

Tourism jobs are more difficult to come by, as one often needs to speak some German (at least B2 level) and one or two other languages fluently. However, many of the hostels and tour companies are on a short-need basis and so it is recommended to simply walk in and ask the manager if he or she is hiring.

Restaurants and bars are also an easy way to find work in Berlin, especially if you already have experience. Many small restaurants, bars and cafes hire "in cash" and pay at the end of each shift.

The city is very relaxed and easy going, and it is an easy traveler's city, especially as most people speak English. Life is very cheap compared to the rest of Germany and other major European cities.

To find job openings, as well as apartments and other miscellaneous items for sale including bikes, visit



- Best time to find a job. Many restaurants, bars and cafes look for extra staff in preparation for the busy season

- Bring a resume door-to-door, and learn a few basics German phrases to show that you are actively learning the language and making an effort.

- Find jobs on

- Many people speak English and there is a great demand for native English-speakers, so do not be intimidated by the language barrier.


Summer is high season, so this is your best shot at finding a job in gastronomy/hospitality.


- Hardest period to get a job and go around, as it is the University season, many new people looking for flats, jobs, places: you will find it harder to settle in at that time of the year.


Winter is a more difficult season in Berlin. That being said, Christmas and, eveneven more so, New Year might be a good opportunity to find a short term placement in gastronomy/catering businesses. There are also several Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas markets) which could provide you with extra income for two or three weeks. However, speaking German is more important for these jobs.


- Try to always use a few German words, at least "Guten Tag! " & "Vielen Dank! ", people will appreciate it and be way more helpful.

- Most of the people speak English, do not be surprised if a 50 yrs old person replies in a perfect English, or if the local kebab guys asks you what sauce you want in English

- As a foreigner, you will mostly feel quickly as part of the city and hear your language everywhere in the main areas.

-If you want to go out, but don't spent that money: You can find some very cheap bars in/near the universities of Berlin.

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