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Bologna is a great city to get a million different job! Bologna is a vibrant city with loads of student coming from all around Italy and all around Europe doing Erasmus.
The Expat community is pretty big as well and they get to live in Bologna because there's enough work, especially in the tourism field.
Bars, Hotels, B&B, Restaurant, Boutique and many others type of work can be found.
Bologna is well know also as the city of food and for the beauty of the country side, I colli Bolognesi, where many farms and B&B will ask some traveller to work in exchange of food and accomodation.
Bologna is not cheap! Room are expesive in the center but the transport are really easy, a bike will help you a lot and you won't need anything else! Just make sure you lock it properly!
There are many occupied places where usually there are some market of individuals productors that live near by the zone or in the region that come to Bologna to sell up their veggie or fruits, it is a great chance to meet some farmers and usually they have a lot of work that need to be done!
There are many workers in Bologna and that make the salary a bit poor because there are people from all around Europe that can work of half of your wage and without any problems.
Getting a long term contract is hard but is it possible. Getting part time job is quite the normal way to work out a bit of money but usually is black money and there are all the problems of not having a sign of you really working there so if you get injured or fired it's all a big mess.
A little type of working wage:
Restaurant: 7 - 9 euro / hour , Bar 7 - 9 hour , Pizza delivery 5 - 7euro / h ( with your own motor pad they pay your fuel) , Flyer dispenser in the street ( common expat job ) 5 euro - hour , Hospitality 10 euro a hour , Fashion Botique 13 euro a hour , Gas station pump service 10 euro a hour , Post delivery 9 euro hour .

Italian family are quite big and whealty so usually the old people get looked after by some est european women,mainly from bulgaria, romania, estonia that cook for the lonely person and help them to do the normal things that he can't do by himself.
Usually in the country side the house are big with huge garden to maintain and most of the people produce them self honey , herbs, vegetable, wine, fantastic oil, diary product such as cheese, milk, butter, mozzarella; in the country side people have usually chickens and chook to get eggs and most of the people have animal such as dog, cats, sheeps, pig and horses.
Working in Bologna and in Italy in general is way more easy when its spring and summer.
The other months, autumn and winter are quite depressing and cold in Bologna, there are not many mountains and the foggy weather doesn't help tourism at all in those months.
For the rest of the year Bologna is full of tourist that are looking forward to try our Tortellini, Lasagne and the fantastic and well know SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE.


Bologna is also an important transportation crossroad for the roads and trains of Northern Italy, where many important mechanical, electronic and nutritional industries have their headquarters
In 2000 it was declared European capital of culture and in 2006, a UNESCO “city of music”.
Bologna hosts a number of festivals and other events, including:

Angelica: International Contemporary Music Festival
Bologna Contemporanea: international festival on contemporary
Bolognafestival: international classical music festival
Bologna Jazz Festival: the Italian autumn jazz event
Biografilm Festival: International Film Festival devote to Biography
BilBolBul:International Comic Festival
Casadeipensieri: International Summer Festival of literature and poetry
Danza Urbana: International Street Contemporary Dance Festival
F.I.S.Co: International Festival on Contemporary art
Future Film Festival: International Festival on animation and special effects.
Il Cinema Ritrovato: International Film Festival about Forgotten Films
Live Arts Week
Gender Bender: International Festival on the gender identity, sexual orientation and body representation
Homework festival: electronic music festival
Human Rights Film Festival
Netmage: International Festival dedicated to Electronic Art
Some Prefer cake: Italian lesbian film festival
Zecchino d'Oro: International festival of children's song

Local Economy:

Bologna has a thriving economy, and is ranked first in Italy and 47th in Europe in terms of its economic growth rate. Bologna's local economy is heavily reliant on heavy industry and manufacturing — the main industries are car and machinery manufacturing, chemical engineering, textile production, fashion, and ceramics. Food processing is also one of the largest industries in the city.

There is also a strong financial center in Bologna, and it is home to many Italian insurance companies. Bologna's thriving industrial economy has also caused many large firms to move into the city, including Ducati, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bonfiglioli, and the Hera Group.

The services sector is also growing off the back of industry, and Bologna is home to one of the largest exhibition centers in Europe, the Fiera District, which hosts conferences related to machinery, cars, and design. Foreigners and expatriates working in Bologna tend to do so in senior or technical positions in industry or manufacturing, and there is an increasing call for English teachers.

Work Permits for Bologna

Whether or not you will need a permit to legally work in Bologna depends on your nationality. As Italy is a member of the European Union, citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland will not need a permit to work in Bologna. However, should they wish to work in Bologna for more than 90 days, they will need to register for an Italian residence card, but this is merely a formality. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need a permit to work in Bologna, and, as they will need help with their application from their prospective employer, they will need to have already secured work in the city before applying. First, their prospective employer will need to apply for clearance with the immigration authorities in Bologna, after which the work permit can be applied for. In Italy, work permits are packaged along with residence permits, so only one application is necessary in order to obtain both. Italian work permits are usually issued for less than one year and can renewed; however, if you receive a work permit that is valid for more than one year, you must register with the Ministry of Interior (Ministero Dell’Interno), where you will be required to attend integration classes during your stay.



What kinds of work are available in the spring time in Bologna. Remember to keep work that is all year round in the section above and not mention it again here.


Work that is needed by hosts in the summer in Bologna


What kinds of work are there in Bologna in autumn? Maybe it's harvest time, but do people need the help of foreigners for either cheap labour or expertise? This is the kind of thing we need to know here.


Skiing in Bologna - does it exist? Are there plenty of opportunities for people to get work in Bologna in the winter? What kind of skills are needed at this time of year? Please update this section and let fellow travellers know what you have learnt if you have worked in Bologna in the winter or if you are a Host and live here and can share your knowledge.


What is the attitude of the locals here? Are we all rich idiot tourists and if so, why on earth would we want to do some work? Or are we seen as western supremacists and viewed with suspicion? Let us know your thoughts and update them here.

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