The Work Wiki URL for SEO

Work Wiki URL – An SEO link where travellers can find out more about you

  • When you contribute to the Work Wiki section on the site called Work Wiki, the link that you specify on this page will appear in the Recent Contributors box. It provides a link Google will like and help push your own web site up in Google searches when people are looking for your services in your part of the world.
  • It also provides the 1,000’s of travellers who are looking for volunteer or paid work in your area with a link to your site and the opportunity to catch their eye and make them aware of your services.
  • When you update your local areas work in page, Google will pick this up and often be the way travellers will find out about you as they are searching for work in your area even if they are not a user of Working Traveller.

Working Traveller - Work your way around the world / or let the world come to you.

Working Traveller enables you to work and travel on your Gap Year - whilst gaining relevant work references for a job when you go back home. Working Traveller Ltd is based in the UK at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
Work your way around the world
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