How it works

How to get the best out of your Working Traveller presence on the web.

If you have just signed up, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the level of features on the site. That’s because it does a lot more than the simple volunteer posting sites. It’s not as complicated as you think. Go make yourself a coffee and then have a look through the sections below. You should then have a good understanding of how the site works and how to get the best out of Working Traveller. i

Once you are all up and running you will see it take a few minutes to add new Work Placements when ever you have a need for a new volunteer or paid worker that will be instantly communicated to ever relevant traveller who has the skills you need and will be traveling your way when you need them.

Remember, it is not that complicated

  • You need to fully fill in your profile.
  • Then post all the work you need doing to your profile and add in the skills required for each one.
  • Now the fun starts. You search for travellers in the “Traveller Search” that fit your skill needs and send them a work request. You can send as many as you want for just one position. Like the real world, you can contact many people and only select the one that is right for the work.
  • Out of say the 20 you contact, maybe 5 will reply, you talk to each one and you soon work out which person is keen and right for the job.
  • Agree  the terms. Are they volunteering? Are you going to pay them? How many hours, what will the work be and once you are both happy, you confirm and make a work placement agreement.
  • They come, they do the work, all is well and off they go.
  • You leave then a reference and they in turn leave you one.
  • Once you have both left a reference you add in pictures of the work they did  to your reference that will then be clearly seen on your profile for others to know what its like to work for you.
  • That’s it. Once you understand how post the work and set up a work placement you will see how easy it is to get the right skills to your place in the time that you need them.

Completely fill in all the sections in your profile

  • We can’t stress this enough.
  • Make sure you fill in all the sections in your profile and make sure it sells you well and is spelled correctly etc.

Create your Work Placement Postings

  • Once your profile is 100%, go through the work you need doing for the next six months or so and create a Work Placement posting for each person you need.
  • These postings will appear on your profile and, more importantly, appear in Travellers’ work searches.
  • So, if you need a chef, a carpenter, and, a cleaner, just make three separate work placement posting – each one appearing in separate searches for the skills travellers are looking for.


Use the Traveller Search and contact travellers

  • This is the power of Working Traveller the Traveller Search section.
  • Type in the skills you need and see what travellers appear that have those skills and find out when they are planning to travel in your direction.
  • Even if they are not intending to come your way, but look appealing and have good references, send them a work prequest from their profile.
  • You never know, you might persuade them to change their plans if you have an enticing offer for them but travellers who have stated in their “where and when” section on their profiles that they are planning on visiting your area as the best travellers to contact first.


Work Placements

  • Once you have spoken to the travellers who have the skills you need and decided which ones you would like to work for you and when, you can send then send them a work placement request for the work placement they are interested in.
  • Contact as many as you want. Like in the real world, you should advertise your work positions to as many people as you can. Only once you have interviewed them on the work placement chat service do you accept and confirm the work with them.
  • Maybe people ask ” Is Working Traveller for volunteers for for paid work?” It’s both. If you just want volunteers, you can be clear about this in your Work Placements. If you need a stained glass window fitting you may be willing to pay someone to do this work –  set your Barter Points higher than what you will charge the to stay.


Keep your Profile Up to Date

  • Take pictures and, if you can, make a small video of the projects you are working on, or have completed.
  • There is nothing better than a traveller telling the camera what they achieved when working at your place, with your team in the shot in front of the project you have just finished.
  • Pictures and more importantly videos showing your achievements make all the difference.
  • When your references come through, add the new gallery to your new reference so when travellers find your profile, they can see the references you have received from travellers alongside your pictures and video. If they like what they see, they will be encouraged to work with you.

Collect Existing references

  • If you don’t have any references yet,  this does not stop you from adding pictures of projects you have done up to now or the types of skills you regularly need to your profile.
  • Nice pics of your surrounding area are great for Facebook, but tell a traveller nothing about the kind of work that needs doing. Add in as many galleries as you can of kind of work you have done or needs doing in the future. Showing travellers working as a team, using the types of skills you need will help show travellers your work environment and encourage them to get in contact with you.
  • You cannot add actual references to your profile until you have your first reference from a traveller. Ask some travellers who have recently worked with you to create a handshake with you for the work they did so you can start to build your references and appear in searches when travellers select hosts that only have references.

Working Traveller - Work your way around the world / or let the world come to you.

Working Traveller enables you to work and travel on your Gap Year - whilst gaining relevant work references for a job when you go back home. Working Traveller Ltd is based in the UK at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
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