Top 10 Tips

How to Get the Best Travellers With the Skills You Need

  1. Add in the details about your place and what you do in your profile. Then add a new work placement posting for each work requirement you have, adding in the different skills you need for each one.
    • I cannot stress this enough. It will make all the difference in you finding the right traveller that is coming your way with the skills you need.
    • Travellers will use the work search section to look for work with certain required skills, so it is important that you list all the skills you may require in each different work placement posting you make.
  2. Make sure you set when you need your work done. If it’s in October, you need to set this date in the work placement posting so travellers looking to work and travel in October will find your work placement posting.
  3. Set all the languages spoken at your place: don’t lose out on travellers with the right skills because they thought they could not communicate with you.
  4. Keep your local county page wiki page up to date. The better the information you can provide about your local area, the better chance travellers will want to work for you in your area.
    • If for example a traveller asks you “What is the situation about work visas if I am volunteering?” try and provide this information on your county page in the Work In? section so they can see what they need, and then you can direct future travellers to that page when asked the question again.
    • Do not get involved in helping travellers with their work visas. They are travellers, not new employees and they need to fix all their documents themselves.
  5. Use the work search to find travellers that have the skills that you need and when they are coming to your part of the world, once you’ve got your profile 100% ready.
    • When you find travellers, check out their profiles, see what skills and experience they have. If you like what you see, you can send them a message.
    • If you can come to an agreement, you can then click the create handshake button to sign them up to the work placement posting they are interested in. Make sure you make any changes you need on the work placement before you create the handshake.
  6. Make sure you leave a review for the traveller when you have completed a handshake. If they are slow in posting their reference, ask them to leave a review for you. Once both of you have left reviews, theirs will appear on your profile and help you attract the right travellers you are looking for in the future as they will see your good reviews.
  7. Add in pictures to your review when complete. Take a ‘digital signature’ picture with the traveller to prove they where there. It helps build confidence with future travellers who will come and stay and can see all your reviews are genuine.
  8. Plan ahead. Because of the way our search system works, travellers are now able to plan over six months ahead for where they will be working, all before they leave home.
    • Think about it. Do you want highly organised travellers coming to your place – or the ones that contact you the day before because they need a bed 😉
    • Have next year’s work needs up on your profile now – someone will find you and build part of their upcoming trip around the time they will come and work for you.
  9. Become a moderator for your country in the Work In? section and help us build up the information travellers need to know about coming to your country.
    • If you have time, any input you have regarding work visas, costs of living and the types of work that are available in your country is incredibly valuable.
    • If we all team together, it helps everyone involved.
  10. Help Working Traveller help you and the millions of travellers moving around the world who are looking for work. Working Traveller does not charge hosts for anything, yet we are providing you a pretty good service.
    • We don’t ask for anything in return, but when we get emails saying “The profile seems a bit complicated to fill in, can you do it for me? Or call me and tell me what to do?”it seems a bit odd. If we where charging your €100 to set you up, fair enough.
    • All we ask in return is a well thought-out profile, accurate work placements showing where, when, and what skills you need.
    • We’d love if you’d show your appreciation once in a while by doing some editing in the Work In? section.

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