Work Permits and Visas

Do you need a work permit or work visa for where you are travelling?

The whole idea of working traveller is…. you are a traveller. Hosts are happy to have travellers stay with them and do the work they need on a volunteer basis or paid for a week or maybe even up to a month or two. They are not your parents – they do not want to help you with work visas or any paper work you need to work in their country legally.

Several hosts have complained they have been asked “To help with a work visa,” one was even asked “Can you help me claim asylum?” Do not ask your hosts for help with work visas, they are not offering you a job! You’re a traveller, you are passing through their world and it is down to you to make sure you have all the right paper work in place.

Any traveller who consistently asks hosts to help them with work visas:

  1. Will not find any host who wants to have them stay
  2. Will have their profile removed from Working Traveller

If you want a job and you expect the employer to help you with work visas, that’s fine – but do not use Working Traveller to achieve this. There are many excellent recruitment companies out there that will help you achieve this and will charge you a fee for sorting all your paper work. That is not what Working Traveller is for. Working Traveller is all about building up your references whilst you travel to then find the right job once you have the references, not before 😉

Visa Resources

We are slowly building up information on what work visas and work permits you need for each country depending on where you are from. Here are some resources to start you off:


Add to the ‘Work In’ Travel Wiki

If you do your research and find out what you need; please share the information for others to benefit from by applying to be a moderator for your country or the country you’re visiting. We encourage you to add the information to the Work In? wiki section of Working Traveller. Or simply send us a message with the details and we can add it to the relevant country pages.

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