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Find A Host That Needs You, When You Need Them

Work Search lets you quickly find the right Host that needs your skills, in the places you are planning to visit. This is why it is so important to keep your itinerary and skill sets up to date, so hosts will find you in their work searches. If you going to be in China in spring, the hosts there are not telepathic. Let them know and they will see your profile appear when they search “China, April, teaching”

Below is an explanation of how each part of the Work Search works. Take the time to read through this page so you can get the best out of the work search and also so you know how to fill in your profile to get the maximum exposure to the hosts you are targeting.

Search Settings

Above the upper left hand side of the map, below the heading called Search Settings, you have the option to deselect the 4 different types of searches. Remember the results will be affected by the dates you select, so make sure you read how that works below.


If you want to see how many other travellers will be where you’re going, at the same time as you, leave the ‘Travellers’ option ticked. You can see their pins appear in the results on the map. You can click on their pins and ask them to friend you, if they will be there at the same time.


If you choose the Hosts option only, it will show you all hosts in the country (that you’ve selected, see below), regardless of if they have work needs at the time you are going there or not.
  • Click on their pins to see their profiles and work postings.
  • You’ll see what they are about and what skills they use in their profile.
  • Send them a message and see what they need when you will be there as you never know and it is always worth asking.


If you want to see how many experts will be travelling to the places you will be in, leave this box ticked. Maybe they will be willing to meet up with you for a coffee and share some knowledge on your chosen skill set.


If you deselect the Hosts box and leave the work box ticked, you will only see hosts that have posted work placement postings for the time you are looking to visit.
  • If you are only interested in talking to hosts that need a chainsaw operator (selected in Skills) in June, select ‘Work’ only and the search will leave the the hosts who might need one.
  • If you are not clear about this, have a look at the ‘Work Placement’ section in the host help pages and you will see how a host posts work on their profile. It is different to how you set your itinerary in the Where and When section.


Hosts Set When They Need You
Each host posts work placements on their profile and they set when they want the work doing. Harvest work happens in autumn, so no point in knowing about these requirements if you are travelling in spring. Set the dates for when you want to be in the country you are going to, and see what work postings there are for that time.  
See Who Is Available
  • If you want to be in Brazil in April/May time, select the dates when you will be there, type in your skills, see what hosts need your skills at this time and bingo: you have found what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • As Working Traveller is new, we don’t have thousands of hosts posting their needs just yet, so maybe widen your search and select “South America” and keep the host box ticked so all hosts appear. But when you will be there is still limited to you – so set the dates and see what comes up.


Skill Types
We have tried to add in all the skills we can think of. If you want your skill adding, use the feedback page to add your skill and we will add it to the directory. ‘Making a bird cage’ – is that a skill?
  • If a host has stated in their profile they need a bird cage making, and did not make a work listing for it.
  • It will not come up in the work search using your skills as the search criteria. If you type into the ‘Keyword’ box “Bird Cage” “Python babysitter” “Voodoo trainer,” etc, you never know what you will find.
Need to Find a Fellow Traveller or Host?
You can type in a host name, or a traveller’s, and with one click you can find their profile.
  • This it is why it is good to have your traveller name…. as your name so fellow travellers and host can easily find you if they know your name.


How to Use the Map
Once you have optimised your search settings, you can move on to the map.
  • Using the drop down location menus, when you select a location, the map will zoom in to the chosen area and show the exact locations of the hosts that suit your parameters.
  • Clicking on the pin will reveal more information about the host and a link to their profile page and / or work placement posting.
Help! The map has taken me to the centre of America!
No need to panic. Because of the complexity of our mapping database, there are a few regions around the world that default to Kansas, USA on the map.
  • If this happens to you, just manually move the map to your desired search location as you would in any Google Maps page, and the hosts will appear in their correct place.


Hosts post their work listings with the skills that they need
You are looking for work as a carpenter.
  • Start typing ‘car…’ and a few skill suggestions will appear.
  • Select carpenter.
  • Any host results that now show up will have posted work with carpentry as a tagged skill.
Hosts Search by Their Skill Needs
Make sure you add all your skills to your profile. If you did not join the carpentry group in the skills section, you will not appear in hosts searches looking for carpenters.  

Barter Points

Barter Points for Hosts and Travellers
If you are looking for first-class accommodation and are only interested in seeing hosts that are charging more than 4 barter points to stay, select ‘4’ in the Barter Points category and only profiles charging 4 or more for bed, bread and beer, or travellers for their skills will appear.  
If you are looking for an expert, you can filter the results by how much they charge here, using Barter Points.  


Number of References
The first drop down in the ratings lets you select a number up to 20.
  • Say you select ‘5’. The results you will get will not show any hosts who do not have at least 5 reviews from travellers who have stayed with them.
Average Rating
The second option allows you to set the lowest average rating a Host has to appear in the search results.
  • If you are only interested in staying at places that have an average higher than 8, select ‘8’ and hosts with 8 or higher will appear.


You can add a filter here into your searches to find hosts that speak the same language as you.
  • If you want to practice your Spanish and only want to stay at hosts that speak Spanish.
  • If you do not select any language, all hosts will appear, regardless of what languages are spoken in their set up.
Most of us speak second languages. If you are picking apples and you only speak a bit of German or Italian but can get by, select your level and be honest with the host.
  • As long as you can communicate with them, select beginner.
  • However, if they are looking for someone to lead the apple picking team, they might want someone with ‘medium’ or ‘advanced’.
  • Make sure your languages profile is accurate and you include all of your languages. You never know who needs your skills and is not bothered about communicators.

Reset the Filters

Clearing Old Search Criteria
If you are doing multiple searches, its good to hit this button to clear the last search’s criteria and start afresh on your new search.

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