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The Skills section provides two functions in Working Traveller. It allows you to be found based upon the skills you have to offer when you work and it also allows you to communicate with other travellers with the same skills.

Adding Skills to Your Profile

When editing your profile, you need to visit the skills section and join the skills groups you want to be in.

  • To join a skill group, just press the green “add skill” button on the right of every skill listed.
  • It is essential to add skills to your profile, otherwise you won’t show up in the work search results when a host is looking for someone with your skills.
  • For example, if you add Agriculture to your skills, if a Host is searching for travellers with agriculture as a listed skill, you will show in the search results.

Skill Groups

In joining the user Skill Groups for your chosen skills, you become able to talk to other like-minded travellers with the same skills.

  • In these groups, you can ask advice and share what you have learnt on your travels.
  • A chef who has travelled the world for two years working in restaurants and is now back home and missing the road will still be a member of the chefs group and will probably be happy to pass on valuable information that they learnt on their travels.
  • Also, if there is a host who can never find the chef they need, you can ask them what they are looking for.

Skill Forums

So you want to be an artist, a travelling artist that gets paid to paint and you have no idea how to do this.

  • Post a question in the painting group under “creative” ( not construction) and ask the question. For example, “Degree in fine art, want to advance my grunge style, any suggestion on how to get work doing this?”
  • This forum post will go out to everyone in that group. You might get a host that is in the group who suggest you come and paint a mural on his ugly garden wall.
  • You could also receive a reply from a person who found contacting hosts and offering them a family portrait in his style for 10 barter points worked really well. Then you can try it for yourself!

Skill Members

When you click on a skills group, you will see a tab called “members.” Click on this and you will see all members of the group. Check out their profiles and add them as a friend is you have things in common and can help each other.

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