What is Working Traveller?

Working Traveller is a free service for hosts (that’s you) who want hard-working travellers to come and work for a week or a month or two at your place in your busy season or when you need to complete a specific project out of season. WT advertises all your work and the skills you need to 10s of 1,000s of travellers registered on the site and in Facebook groups looking for volunteer and paid work in your country or skill set. Growing your references on Working Travellers will put you at the top of traveller searches and help you get the best Working Travellers to come to and work for you; at the time you need them – all for free.

The question I have for you is this…. ‘Do you see that the time it takes you to set up your profile will be saved 10x or more a year when booking up workers?’

Why make a profile?

Takes half an hour or less to fill in your details, house rules, directions to your place etc. Then add the work posts for each role you need, the skills and for when. Then another half an hour to find 100s of travellers that have the skills you need, who will be in your country at the time you need them. You invite them all to work for you using our booking system as you would on a normal job site, filtering out the best applicants who have accepted your offer. Because you have added all your rules and work needs to your profile, you don’t now need to spend hours emailing back travellers who ask “Can we come in two weeks? What work do you need doing? Where are you? “.  All dealt with. It will save you hours, maybe even days of emailing a year. It will certainly save you more time than it took to create your profile.

Once you have found all the workers you need, you create a work placement with each one you want to come to your place. Agree with them what they will do for you and what they will get in return. Again takes a little bit of time, but saves hours/days of time once they have arrived with no misunderstandings on what they will be doing for you.

The idea is you use the free version and do it all your self. If you are too busy and need help, we can do everything for you – we charge €100 a year to managing all your work post needs and a €100 one-off fee to get you all set up. It’s up to you. We currently don’t but we will be moving to charging hosts €10 a year if they do not leave references for the WT’s that come and work for them. As long as you leave a references it will always be 100% free for you to use.

Is Working Traveller for you?

Just want help with the harvest or around the farm? Other volunteer sites are easier to set up to get last-minute travellers looking for a free bed and board for 5 hours of helping out a day. If you want skilled workers who are interested in the project you want to achieve; all booked up weeks, even months before you start – then Working Traveller is for you. Travellers can stay with you in 4 ways:

Volunteering – you ‘pay’ them in bed and board, agreed exactly the number of hours, what boarding you provide in each work placement.

Volunteering to start with the option to be paid – If they are average, you can ask them to leave at the end of your volunteer agreement. If good, you can agree to pay them something over bed and board for more hours, more responsibility or whatever you agree with them.

Paid – You need a skilled carpenter, plumber, real skills and you know you will not get these 10 hours a day for free. You will get 10x the response from travellers with this option.

Pay to stay – If you have a particularly nice host offering. Tiger cub sanctuary or are a 5-star resort, you can charge a lower fee than you normally do for people who stay and do some work for you.

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How we see it

Working Traveller was started by a host who got annoyed with volunteers turning up who just wanted a free bed and food. He worked hard and wanted like-minded workers who enjoyed what they do to work with not to micromanage. As you know, if you have motivated workers sitting at your dinner table with you, talking about the project and the challenges the whole team is facing – that’s what makes your day and what you are looking for.

Sitting with several people who just want a free bed and looking at their phone for the next stay – that’s a free hostel in my opinion. Help us build references for the hard-working travellers out there that will become role models for next years travellers. The more we focus on skills and the quality of work, the more travellers will see what it takes to be a Working Traveller.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the 100s of skills our Working Travellers have and realise all you need to do is create a free profile to get these people to come and help you with your special projects in low season and running your business in the high season.

Sign up and contact our host support if you need help with anything. We are here to help you make it all happen.

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