• Your host property details, house rules, contact details and picture gallery
  • Creat work posts that appear in traveller searches for each type of skill you need
  • Work Placements - agree excatly what you give/what you get from traveller coming to stay and when.
  • References and case studies to attract good hard workers like Trip Advisor.
  • Follow / Following - notified when travellers you are interested in come to your country
  • Search traveller profiles by skills/when in your country and invite to work for you.
  • One to one help from WT buddy to create your profile and post current work needs .
  • Annual support from WT buddy posting ongoing work needs/booking up work placements with travellers.

Standard Member

  • Everything you need to book up travellers is 100% free.

WT Profile set up

€ 100One off fee
€ 100One off fee
  • Don't know where to start? Let us do it all for you and get you set up.

WT Buddy

€ 100Annually
€ 100Annually
  • Annual support from your dedicated WT buddy to get workers booked up.

Work and travel the world using your skills to gain work experience and references for a good job back home

Learn to earn your way around the world – gaining work experience & references for a good job when you get back home

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