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Martinique is one of the French islands in the Caribbean. This island is often popular with travellers who have big budgets. However, travel in Martinique doesn’t need to be expensive. You’re going to find out that you too can work and travel in Martinique without breaking the bank.

So how do you do it?

Read our travel guide to Martinique to find out more about what you need to do to visit this pristine Caribbean island(

1. Teach Languages in Martinique

Martinique is a French-speaking island with a smattering of Spanish speakers from other areas of the Caribbean. There’s a big demand for native English speakers who want to teach English in Martinique.

It’s one of the best volunteering opportunities in Martinique because you’ll get the chance to enjoy the island and teach your own language at the same time.

There’s also demand for those speaking Spanish. Many islanders see the value of Spanish and they want to learn it.

Typically, you’ll need a minimum of a TEFL qualification to qualify for English speaking positions, but there are options even if you don’t have a formal qualification.

2. Work in a Bar/Restaurant in Martinique

Martinique has a huge amount of tourism and so there are hundreds of bars and restaurants across the main settlements of the island. They always need additional help to deal with the influx of tourists throughout the high season.

This work doesn’t necessarily give you much and you’ll be expected to work long hours, but in an island as expensive as this it’s a viable option for backpackers who want to settle down for a month or two.

3. Help on a Sailboat in Martinique

Martinique is also a hub for ships going north and south, in line with the main hurricane season. Many people who travel in Martinique decide to work on a sailboat.

These vessels come in all shapes and sizes and come with different requirements. Some of them will just accept anyone who turns up by the harbour. On the other hand, enormous ships may require you to have prior experience in sailing and ship maintenance.

As well as being a way to enjoy island life, you could even find that this work in Martinique is your ticket to the next island.


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As this section is covering the whole continent of Oceania, one has to generalise, but, in general, what is the attitude? Are we all rich idiot tourists and if so, why on earth would we want to do some work? Or are we seen as western supremacists and viewed with suspicion? Let us know your thoughts and update them here.

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