Working Traveller has a work search app that  lets you quickly find hosts that need your skills in the time you will be travelling to their part of the world. If you want to get a flavour of what kinds of hosts WT has, click on the links below.


Camel safari work

Yogi needs all kinds of help in India, from taking care of his camels to mural paintings and help with guests and the garden.


Care for cats in Malaysia

Want to care for cats on the beach in Penang with like minded travellers? They need all kinds of skills


Glamorous camping work in Italy

``Glamping’ is a mixture of glamorous and camping. And a great chance for you to work outdoors in sunny Italy


Organic farming in the USA

This place is typical organic farm, located in a very rural part of the USA, offers 6 working opportunities.


Yoga instructor in Colombia

Hostel in Colombia is looking for a yoga instructor to conduct one class per day in exchange for a bed and breakfast.


Campsite volunteer in Mexico

Volunteer work in ``Supra Rustico”, a campsite for living, working, sharing and relaxing near Riviera Nayarit


Bartending in Colombia

Bar tending work at a free-spirited hostel in the heart of downtown Cali, Colombia. No bartending experience required!


Work in Turkish restaurant

To cook traditional cuisine and work as waiter in the mountain hotel in Turkey, just one hour away from the Black Sea.


Renovation work in France

The hosts live at the Mill and offer you to join their team to assist with the renovation of the ancient Mill.


Hostel work in Chile

Hostel in the historical part of Valparaiso in Chile is looking for volunteer to work at the reception and help them with cleaning.


Work with horses in Greece

Love horses? Love the Greek islands? This could be the perfect work placement for you.


Huge restoring project in Germany

From plastering mud walls to building a sauna, Andreas needs all kinds of building skills and is willing to pay for some of them.

I hear you say ” I have no idea where I will be going to next – so how can I book work 3 months in advance?” That’s fine, you can apply for last minute cleaning and harvest work and often hosts will still need people even at short notice. If getting references on your profile for your chosen skills is as important as getting that selfy at Machu Picchu – then it pays to be organised and have your itinerary  literally mapped out on your profile. Hosts can then search and see the skills then need are coming by their way when they need them and book you up for the work they need doing well in advance.

Hosts – your dream team is here – you just need to reach out to them.

Working Traveller’s work search app enables a search of workers with particular skills required for your project. Click on the links below to see examples of our working travellers profiles.


Marina from Russia

Tourism management


Andrea Pratellini from Italy



Aurore and Etienne from France

Permaculture specialist


Meg from The USA

Interior designer


Eha Kutt from Estonia

Care home support


Margarita from Russia

Mural artist


Daniel from Slovakia

Tuff job but someone has to do it


Priscilla from Portugal



Renk van Oyen from Denmark

Events management


Pedram from Iran

Video cameraman


Mary from Venezuela

Salsa instructor


Indri from Indonesia

Landscape gardener


Andrey & Koritsa from Ukraine

House sitting


Kassidy from Canada



Melanie from the USA

Yoga instructor


Aparna from India

English teacher

We have your skills covered – no matter how unique

Working Traveller specialises in helping you gain work references in your chosen skills. We have over 20 types of dance categories, 15 yacht positions, 3 types of chain saw operator and 16 different job titles for people working in hostels. 42 travellers have added ‘chocolatier‘ as a skill in their profiles.

If you are a seasoned pro or you are just starting out and you want to learn new skills – we will hopefully have your skill listed. If not, let us know and we will add your skill no matter how niche it is. Have a look at the Skills section and see if your skills are all there.


Visit the ‘Working Wiki’ to find out about visas and what kind of work you will find in the places you want to travel to. We have a long way to go with the wiki, but there are 100s of updates from travellers and hosts from all corners of the world. So do your bit and add in what you know once you have logged in.



Whats the visa situation for volunteer work in America? Is it easy? Can you you get paid for short term work?



What time of the year is best for work and travel in Greenland? What industries need extra help? Fishing and tourism? Can you volunteer on a tourist visa in Greenland?



What the deal with the Australian volunteer visa going from two years down to one ? What other kinds of work other than sheep farming can I find in Australia?



Bolivia wages - are the really low? It's one of the most traveled South American countries for backpackers so - is Hostel the thing here?



What the season for backpacker jobs in Vietnam? Is their volunteering opportunities? Visas? Whats the deal? And are they OK with Westerners working there?



Is there yoga opportunities in Goa? Can I get work with the camel herders in Rajastain? Does the Indian six month business visa let you work and travel there?



You wont get work as a vampire stand in - but what about helping out with the harvest or working in a hostel? Do they need foreigners? Or do they have it all covered?



Can you get work if you don't speak Russian? Do they need English speaking reps for tourist work? Whats the season in Russia for backpacker work?



Is the tourist industry back up and running in Egypt? Do they need foreigner helpers there? What about archaeological digs and NGO work?



Volunteer work in Thailand - is it easy to find? The one month visa laws have changed. How will that affect me getting work in Thailand?



Volunteering in the Congo - great idea or... need my head testing? Is it possible? Is it safe? Does any one do it? Visas - is it in the too hard to do basket?



How easy is it to find work in the vineyards in Georgia? Do they have a tourism season there? Are they used to using foreigner volunteers?

Backpackers say ” I have no idea where I will be going to next – so how can I book work 3 months in advance?” That’s because they are on holiday. They are travelling. They are not Working Travellers. If getting references on your profile is as important as getting that selfy at Machu Picchu – then you will want to be organised and have your itinerary  literally mapped out on your profile. Hosts can then search and see that you are coming by their way when they need you and book you up to use your skills for the work in hand.

“Can’t get a job – they only want experience. So how to get the experiences?”

Build your references through your work placements

You have heard it many times. Employers want to hire people with experience. All those years of getting your degree seem to suddenly count for nothing. How do you get the work experience if no one will give you a job?  References from your Working  Traveller hosts – showing how you use your skills, that you are punctual, have a good work ethic and that you can make decisions.

Taking a pic with your Host doing the WT sign proves you where there   smily

Take a picture with your host – both doing the WT sign

Proving to employers you were there – proves the reference is 100%  real. Get pictures of the work you did, and a  ‘digital stamp’ proving you were there with your host making the WT sign. Add these pictures to your references after you receive them. It makes all the difference.

So like the pic of Ben  and his host shown to the left in Columbia, it proves he was there and did the work.

Become a Host and let the world come to you

Are you a host looking for motivated volunteers and travelling professionals?

Need experienced helpers who speak four  languages for the up and coming high season? Like to have some one come and set up all your social media? Want to know how much solar power you can generate? Thought of having a mural painted on that ugly wall? Dream of having home help or a maths teacher for the kids? I think you get the idea.

Working Traveller matches up the skills you need with the travellers who have a passion for them and are on their way to your country right now. It’s 100% free to post your work needs and always will be if your a host. To find out more see the Host Help Pages . Or start posting your work needs today and within 24 hours they will be seen by potentiality 100,000+ travellers. Its free to advertise and to build up your references. So sign up now and  fill your volunteer needs today.

Working Traveller - Work your way around the world / or let the world come to you.

Working Traveller enables you to work and travel on your Gap Year - whilst gaining relevant work references for a job when you go back home. Working Traveller Ltd is based in the UK at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
Work your way around the world
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