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Your free profile allows you to contact up to 3 hosts a week (€10 a year unlimited) – small businesses, non-profit organizations, and expatriate families that need your skills in the countries you will be travelling to. These hosts do not want to receive random emails from people who want to work for them. Your profile provides them with all the details they need to see if you are the right person or not for them and to gain references from you.

Your Think about it – you cannot get a reference unless you create a work placement agreement. You cannot leave a host a bad reference if you don’t create a work placement agreement. It’s free for you and them to use – so why would they not want a good reference from you to help them get more Working Travellers? They work so hard for their Trip Advisor or Hostel World profile – so why not their Working Traveller profile? Maybe because they know they are not a reputable host and you will give them a bad reference? We strongly suggest you only agree to work with hosts by creating a work placement agreement though the site. It’s the only way you will get a reference for the work you do and must be created before you arrive.

When you create a Working Traveller Profile, we ask for some personal information, what skills you have and where you will in the world and when. This information allows hosts to find you when they search for workers. It then shows them what you can do for them. You fill in all your details and once you have paid your annual membership, show it to 100s of hosts when they want to see it.

Hosts like to know how old travellers who are coming to work for them. We do not give out your birthdate details to anyone, we just show your age on your profile.

There are many ways to help. Be an active member of our community and complete every work placement you start and leave a reference so others will know what your host is like. Add a link to your WT profile on your social media account. Contribute to our Work and Travel Guide.

Visit the Work and Travel Guide. Click the button inside the green box that says “apply for moderator access.” in the country you would like to moderate.

Fully complete your profile. Then search for hosts using the “Find Work” page. When you see a work post you are interested in, click the green “View Details” button to request to do the work.

This will depend entirely on what you agree upon with the Host in your work placement. Make sure to communicate with your host only through the Working Traveller chat. This way there will be a record of your agreement and Working Traveller can help resolve any issues or misunderstandings that might occur.

At this time we do not help arrange visas. It is the traveller’s responsibility to obtain the visa and other required paperwork such as travel insurance and work permits needed for the countries you will be working in.

When you complete your work placement, your host will rate you from 0 to 10 in three areas: skills, work ethic, and decision making. Once you have written a reference for them it will appear on your Working Traveller profile for other hosts to see.  You will then rank higher in searches when hosts are looking for travellers with your skills coming to their country. Your WT references are hard to forge, especially if you take a picture of your and your host making the W and T sign and can be used to show work experience in your job interviews when you go home.

Working Traveller was free to use for travellers. We didn’t make any money.   From May 1st 2021 we started to charge €10 a year for full membership that lets you contact as many hosts as you want. Think about it – you can contact 1,000s of hosts for €10 a year and save your self thousands in accommodation costs. It’s less than the cost of one night in a hostel.

Only your first name, profile picture, age, and nationality are shared with the host and all the details you can see on your public profile.

We do everything possible to give travellers the tools to make informed decisions through our reference system. Working Traveller facilitates contact between travellers and hosts, it does not act as an agent. We encourage travellers to contact us with any issues so we can take action to resolve them. The best way to verify our hosts is to leave them references that accurately tell fellow Working Travellers what they are like.

We never share your email or any other information with third parties. We only use your information to help you contact hosts and keep the site secure.

Click on Profile and then click on Edit when you are logged in to your profile.

Scroll to Profile > Settings > Password

Scroll to Profile > Settings > Notifications

Please contact us using the chat feature on any page and we will help resolve your questions.

When logged in – scroll to Profile > Settings > Delete Account

Work and travel the world using your skills to gain work experience and references for a good job back home

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