How the skills section works for Hosts

You will use skills in two ways.
  1. You can skills to your profile to show what skills you are likely to use at some time in the coming year, or ay any point in the future.
    • If your old jeep is broken and you would love a mechanic to come by and fix it for you, add “car mechanic” to your list of skills required on your profile.
    • If you use fruit picks at harvest time and cleaners in the busy tourist season and both to your profile.
  2. You will also use the skills section when you need to add skills to a work placement posting on your profile.
    • For example, when you post “need to fix the old Landy”, add in the mechanic skill to that work placement posting. This will appear in the work searches made by travellers looking for work fixing up cars on their travels.
    • For your fruit picking and cleaning, make two different work placements and add in the specific skills for each different role in the work placement posting when you set it up.
To add skills to your profile you need to be logged in. Go to the skills section by clicking on the link at the top of the page on the main menu and join the skills group from there.

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