Work in?

This section is to help travellers plan their Working Traveller itinerary.

Travellers have Lonely Planet, Hostelworld and Tripadvisor to help them decide where  is cool to visit. Working Travellers – thats you, have Work in? to help decide where to go to get work with the skills you have.

40,000 pages

  • There are about 40,000 pages in the Work in? section, covering each region/county in the world. However, they are not all up to date. It is a huge task, but like all ideas, they have to start somewhere. Please do you bit and fill in any information you have gained on your travels and update the section so you can help others and by helping others, in return, they will help you plan your next trip.

What is each page is for?

  • You want to negotiate with a host and you have no idea what the going rate is for the skills you have in their region. So you come here, you look on the county or regional page in Work in? and see what has been recommended by other travellers. If there is a not rating yet, be sure to spend a few minutes casting your vote once you have been there and know the score.
  • If you have never been there, you have NO idea and need to know before making plans to visit the area for work.
  • If you live there…. you might not be an expert on the subject but you will have a much better idea than no idea. So the idea is you fill in what you know and do your bit for the community. If you are a host, you will get an SEO link to your own web site and a link to your profile, so if anyone is looking at the area you edited they will see you added some information and are worth getting in contact with.
  • You are a traveller who you came through the county a year ago or even better, last week. You did a bit of work or just sat on the beach, either way you got an idea of costs and attitudes to foreigners working in the area. Did you go on a guided tour in the cave? Don’t underestimate the knowledge you have for the places you have been. Log into your profile and go to any of the counties you have been to and add in what information you can. Every word you edit gets you an editing point that shows in your profile. Get 2,000 and you get a free upgrade to full membership.

Barter Points

  • You are thinking of going to a region of a country you know nothing about. There are 100’s of pages of what it looks like and hotels in the area on the internet, but what’s it like to get work there? Is it possible? What’s the attitude to foreigners? Is spring the best time? Is there a cave there that needs 50 people a year that speak English in August to do guided tours?
  • As each traveller casts their vote and each host in the area disagrees and casts their we will hopefully end up with fairly accurate cost for your bed, bread and beer.
  • If you want to know more about barter points have a look at the page in the traveller section on Barter Points.

Country Editors

  • Would you like to help with editing the Work in? section? Are you a host in a country that has not had much attention on Working Traveller yet? Are you an armchair traveller who wants to get out there but can’t yet? If you are passionate about your country and would like to join our little network of editors then please get in touch using the Country contact form at the bottom of the page.

Working Traveller – Learn to earn your way around the world

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