What Does Thumbs Up/Down Mean?

It’s Simple. Did You Show Up – Or Not?

A thumbs up or thumbs down represents your punctuality and reliability. It is separate to your reference, but acts as an additional way to build your reputation as a Working Traveller.
  • You automatically get a thumbs up if you arrive at work punctually and do the work.
  • The host will click “end handshake’ and leave a reference for you.
  • If you arrive late, or not at all, a host will click on the “cancel handshake,’ which automatically gives you a thumbs down to let other hosts know you are not reliable.
  If a handshake is cancelled based on mutual agreement prior to beginning the work and hence not deserving of a ‘Thumbs Down’ – you can contact WT to have us handle the issue on a case by case basis.

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