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Alice Bruce

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Alice Bruce



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My skills

Ambitious and hard working creative with ongoing personal projects - looking for active and sociable part time work in Southern Europe over Winter (or more permanently depending on the job).
Very good with people, customer service, vigilant and quick, learns by doing, photographic memory, excellent dexterity, adaptable to different situations and people, big ideas person, quick language learner, good at helping others to learn, leads well.

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Illustration Graduate (2013)


Languages Spoken

English (Mother Tongue) French (Medium) Czech (Beginner) Swahili (Beginner)

Full CV / Resume


About Me

Dancing, singing, drawing, painting, sign writing, writing, yoga and movement in general, pre-industrial revolution history, clothes, up cycling, cycling, swimming, learning languages, being in nature, massage, personal development, herbal and plant medicine, nutrition, foraging, drumming, travelling, vulnerability, connection.

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available