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My skills

Management Computers PC / Mac, domain software: microsoft office: Word, PowerPoint, excel, project. Adobe: photo shop, Illustrator, After Efects, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Premiere Pro Final Cut, Avid,  Quicktime Pro, of audiovisual and multimedia equipment. Planning and execution of events, promotions, shows, advertising, communications, public relations, market research. Personnel management. Effectiveness under pressure.

Languages Spoken

Spanish (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Portuguese (Medium)

Full CV / Resume

Professional Degree in Audiovisual area, with the Communicative and Graduate Broadcast Area and MBA in Marketing. Graduated from institutions like the Central University of Venezuela, IESA, Hollywood Columbia University. Ontological Coach, Coach Gerencial and Personal Coach and Elevation of Consciousness Development. Community & Social Media Manager at the Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Spain

In recent years he has held management positions in international holdings and Promotion Prizes Canada and Cisneros Media in their companies Venevision and Venevision Plus inter evision Stations and Producers worldwide.

As Director of Film, TV and Advertising, is credited with the Program of Miss Venezuela, for over 14 years. Advertisements successful and winning countless international awards. The most recent, is the communication and advertising strategy of Open English  who manages and directs creative and production level and Realization in General, from its beginnings until now.

As Nikkei, Japanese descendant, since 2009 has been developing formal activities with the Japanese Community Living in Venezuela.

At the present moment holds the position of General Manager of the Venezuelan Chamber JapanesePresident of the Japanese Nikkei Federation of Venezuela and is the General Secretary of the Pan American Nikkei Association.


I have more than 25 years of experience in the area of evision and entertainment. Development, implementation, and operation channels of local and pan-regional cable evision. Operative programing and strategy of these signals. I have participated in the design and implementation of RCTV, Novelísima, Venevisión Plus Venezuela, Venevisión Plus Dominican, Ve Plus TV, and Vmastv, City Tv, América, Tv Mas . Projects of operative impact and efficiency of processes like Kimetic. 


Active and progressive participation in various areas of audiovisual production:

13 short films: LA LUNA, 35mm, Studio. Rattle toc tic tac, 35 mm, 17 and counting, 35 mm, Attendance Management, Production. BLUE, azulito, azulito, 16 mm, Assistance Directorate. STOLEN STORIES, 16 mm, Attendance Management, Production. CHILDREN ELECTRIC, 35 mm, . EL BURRITO Manicha, 35 mm, . CAVE OF MONO, 35 mm, . Eclectic, 35mm, Attendance Management, Production. CLOUD WATER, 16 mm, Attendance Management, Production. MUCH REASON MANA, 35 mm, Attendance Management, Production. PURE LUCK, S8, Assistance Directorate, Camera, Production. Entreverao, 35 mm, Assistance Direction, Art Direction, Production.

Video clip 11's: Resistance Urbanda, Miguel Rios, Mecano, Miguel Bossé, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuel, La Ley, Guaco, LaLimite.

267 commercials for visión

9 features

14 miniseries for TV (RCTV)

21 special programs for TV (RCTV, Venevision, even, Venevision Plus, Ve Plus TV, VemasTv)

17 unit to TV (RCTV) 


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