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Host overview

JEM Farm raises livestock for meat on our small family run farm.  Our primary products are pork, goat, chickens, rabbits and seasonally, turkeys.  We also live with a 12 year old, nine dogs and nine cats.  We do some on farm butchering and we do a limited amount of growing.  We also have several eco projects in progress, and of course, there is the

Work Posts

  • Livestock assistance Volunteer • Starts Anytime (no duration)
  • carpenter Volunteer • Starts Anytime (no duration)
  • Unheated hoop house construction Volunteer • Starts Anytime (7 days)
  • Fencing assistance Volunteer • Starts Anytime (no duration)
  • Update website, create blog posts Volunteer • Starts Anytime (no duration)
  • House hold and harvesting help Volunteer • Starts on May 01 2017 (no duration)
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    What we provide

    How we work

    We have a couple comfortable places for folks to stay, with real beds, and enclosed bathrooms.  We provide linens, towels, meals and can offer some transportation with prior arrangements.  This is a very rural part of the country with limited internet and NO CELL service.  We do have a land line that can support calls within the US.  Our band width is not fast enough to support much SKYPE, and no face time.  We have evisions and DVD players.  There is no streaming here.  If folks are already here, we can offer some primitive camping.

    Languages Spoken

    English (Mother Tongue) French (Medium)