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My name is Giada, I'm a 25-year-old girl and I live in Italy. I studied foreign languages at the High School and I speak English, German and French. I'm a kind person, very quiet and responsible. I'd like to live in a foreign Country few months because the rest of the year I worked as ho receptionist. In the winter time I'd love spending some time out from home to discover new cultures and people. I'm volunteering every winter in different country with the projects.

Languages Spoken

Italian (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) German (Medium) French (Medium) Spanish (Beginner) Sign Language

Full CV / Resume

I'm very kind and I like learning new things. My special skill is the language because I can speak three languages that I learned at school. I'm quite gifted at German language because I lived in Germany one year and I worked as volunteer in a rest home: I was entertainer and I helped people. I've been volunteering in Sweden in a refugees camp and after that experience I moved to Liverpool (UK) as au pair of a lovely boy. The year after, I've been au pair in Malaga (Spain) and I studied Spanish in the meanwhile. The most recent experience is in Kyoto (Japan) while I was volunteering in a kindergarten.

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