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Hikari Nishimae



member since Jun 14 2019


My skills

  • currently: University student of Social Science, searching job

  • skills: Microsoft Office, Adobe photoshop, audacity

  • experience: teacher for children and teenager (Japanese/English/etc)

Languages Spoken

Japanese (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Italian (Medium)

Full CV / Resume


Personal information

Name:      Hikari Nishimae

:       via Abbiategrasso, 404, Pavia


Study and work Experiences

April 2011-March 2017 

Went to Metropolitan Mitaka Secondary School

April 2017-August 2018

Entered to Ochanomizu University as ahonors student, majored social study (especially gender issues), educational psychology

Join the Broadcasting Association in the University, made Radio programs and movies 

Work in Kumon Educational Japan as a part time teacher (taught English and mathematics for children)

Work in Yamazaki-juku Limited as a tutor (taught English, Japanese, and mathematics and so on to teenager)

-Work in Tomonokai as a career counsellor for high school students

September 2018- August 2019

Go to University of Paviaas an exchange student, majoring  global justice


Language levels


Japanese- Native

English-B2 level 

Italian-A2 level (currently working for B1 level, I will take the certification in June)


Additional skills

Microsoft Excel, Words, PowerPoint

Adobe Photoshop 


About Me


I want to be

 LGBTQs friendlyjoined some pride events as an ally

environment friendly (joined some strike for climate change)

  Now I’m in Italy only for 1 year as exchange student. However, I want to start my career here to live in Europe in the future, so now I’m looking for a certain step for this aim from 11thJuly to 11thAugust.

Originally, I’m optimistic and very sociable person. I prefer to be open mind for everything, to get new knowledge. Besides, I always keep it in my mind to act responsibly in working time. I’m also good at adapting to the new environment and corporate with others. 

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available