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Our hos is the ideal place to stay when you want to combine the nature & the city night life. Its serene location is the perfect getaway, whether you want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area, or indulge in adventure activities. We are located 10 minutes east from the Holy Meteora, in Trikala city, Thessaly. We aim to provide an informal, friendly, family setup and we hope to cater to all your needs during your trip.
The Holy Meteora is a rock forest at the west side of the city. The monasteries built on the top af the amazing rocks are more than 800 years old, listed and protected by UNESCO, offering great landscape aspects, serene and welcoming Greek Orthodox monasteries and a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, mountain biking, off road tracks and much more.
Our brand new Hos is located in Trikala city, 10 miles from the Holy Meteora, featuring nice, spacious and clean rooms, common kitchen, stylish Snack Bar, rooftop Gym, garden and local tours. Trikala is the prefecture's capital with residents, one of the best urban architectures in Greece, with an Old City part, a Byzantine castle, a nice hill with a zoo, a beautiful river crossing the city, lots of Byzantine churches and a famous hot spot for nightlife featuring dozens of bars, cafes, taverns and restaurants. Prices here are much cheaper than touristic places and the quality of food, water and life in general much higher than average.

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    We provide accommodation in a shared dorm and one good meal per day in a traditional Greek tavern (restaurant) in exchange of 5 hours of volunteering. Plus 1 or 2 days off per week.

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    Greek (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Italian (Advanced) German (Advanced) Spanish (Advanced)