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Host overview

Professional mason/plasterer/bricklayer;
You're expected to do 3 days of work to get 7 days full room and board. Shorter stays than a week are 5 hrs work a day. IF we need you to work more AND you ARE a professional - additional payment will be granted for the extra hrs (max. 15 hrs extra a week).
Professional carpenter;
Same conditions.

Work Posts

  • Bricklaying, plastering, concrete work. Volunteer • Starts Anytime (no duration)
  • References

    What we provide

    How we work

    You will live with us as a family member in one of our guestrooms in the house, taking part in the daily life and routine of our family - if you wish - otherwise feel free to enjoy your spare time exploring our beautiful part of the very south-east of Skåne on your own, either by bike (we have a couples), train or bus.
    Unlim. Wifi. All included, just bring yourself, your expertise and workingclothes.

    Languages Spoken

    Swedish (Advanced) English (Advanced) German (Beginner) French (Beginner)