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My skills

A recent graduate in Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Westminster in London.

Throughout the past three years of university, I managed to develop my verbal and written skills through the assessments we had as part of our course such as essays, presentations, debates. Moreover, by working in fashion retail during the past two years, I gained quite a few transferable skills that are key to a career in Public Relations. Just like in the PR world, my job involved meeting new people every day, pitching to them why they should choose our products and learning how to maintain a pleasant and calm attitude when working long hours and under pressure.

As an intern for DDA Group, I was able to further exercise my creative thinking by engaging in brainstorming activities, which gave me the opportunity to present some ideas during a meeting with a client. During my tenure, I have also improved my organisational skills by juggling multiple projects for different clients on a daily basis, but also by learning how to prioritise tasks in order to meet deadlines successfully. Alongside the office work, I have also experienced working on-site on different events such as film premieres, awards, and festivals. This was a very exciting and rewarding experience as I got to see the completion of some of the projects I had been employed on and network with people within the industry.

These experiences fostered my ability to thrive in an ever-changing environment, to think outside of the box and to be an active problem solver. Furthermore, they provided me with the motivation to take both own initiative and work closely with my co-workers on different

Languages Spoken

Romanian (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Italian (Advanced) Spanish (Medium)

Full CV / Resume


London • +4407557023504 •  Instagram handle: maddiemdln  LinkedIn:


I am an ambitious and hardworking Public Relations and Advertising graduate from the University of Westminster. I strongly believe that the nature of my degree prepared me for life’s toughest situations. I consider myself as being an upbeat, cunning, driven, liable and well-organised individual with a great inquisitiveness for the PR and Marketing sector.

     2017 - 2 - 2017 - 3- Social Media Intern DDA Group:

  • took part in client meetings and brainstorming activities

  • monitored traffic and social media performance and created social media reports

  • undertook research and assisted with influencers outreach completed meetings reports

  • assisted in the execution of film related events such as film festivals, premieres, and awards

2016-07 - 2017-02 - Senior Sales Associate/Cash Wrap Senior Banana Republic/Gap Inc.(London):

  • handled complaints, aggressive customers, and difficult situations

  • operated tills and managed financial transactions monitored and pushed sales in order to reach daily targets

  • trained junior staff and ensured effective communication between employees and management

2015-07 - 2016-07 - Sales Associate Banana Republic/Gap Inc.(London):

  • interacted directly with potential, new and existing customers

  • shared product knowledge with clients as well as styling advice

  • took over the Personal Shopper’s appointments in their absence

  • suggested creative ideas for the store’s visual merchandising and display

2016-10 - Work experience - One week Heath Robinson Museum:

  • ran interviews with guests, exhibitors, and Heath Robinson’s family members

  • marked important guest speakers’ quotes

  • got reactions from members of the public to the museum and the event

  • created material tailored for their site and social media platforms

2016 - 05  -Desk registration - One week DevOps – CD Summit & Jenkins Days (London):

  • ensured that the venue was suitable and fully equipped for the conference

  • assured that the badges and workshops’ information were handed out to the relevant participants

  • assisted guests with relevant information upon timetables, exhibitors, and workshops

  • arranged with sponsors the shipping of the materials

Education 2014 - 2017 Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations & Advertising University of Westminster

2009 - 2013 Baccalaureate National Economic College

Baccalaureate Diploma

  • A - Romanian Literature

  • B - Mathematics

  • A-  Geography


  • outstanding communication and writing skills developed within the academic environment through essays, presentations, conferences and debates

  • able to generate, share and follow through on creative ideas

  • experienced in editing, proofreading and compiling documents and presentations

  • confident in using new media to meet campaigning goals, including creating the content for sites and blogs


Fluent in English, Romanian and Italian; Advanced level of Spanish.

References upon request :

Jayne Yeshin, Banana Republic London Flagship Store Manager, :

Dawn Forrester Price, VP of Communications and Training at FIC - FIC Global Advisors, :

Sebastian Strakowicz, Digital and Social Media Manager at DDA PR, :


About Me

Ambitious - Hardworking - Conscientious

I have always been enthusiastic about learning new languages and exploring different cultures. My infatuation for traveling and discovering new places led me to Italy in 2012, where while visiting family I managed to lend a job at a local restaurant. This experience has not only enabled me to delve into the Italian culture, but has also stirred my interest to learn Italian in order to interact with the locals and fully immerse myself into the Italian country side lifestyle. This has served as a turning point in my life, inasmuch I discovered my potential and decided to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and attend university in London the next year.


Adventurous- Idealist- Ardent

Moving to London has undoubtedly been the ride of a lifetime. A journey of self- awareness and personal growth. Living in such a multicultural city and having the opportunity to study at a world-class reputation university have opened quite a few doors. Not only I have been presented with opportunities that I would have not encountered in another city, but I have also managed to discover my skills and where my passions lie along the way.


Creative- Spontaneous- Social Media savvy

Lay, however, I have become highly interested in Instagram as a promotional tool. I have always been passionate about traveling and during my holiday in Nice in early May I discovered what else I was passionate about- photography, storyling and how these two best complement each other on the revolutionary social media platform- Instagram. Subsequently my trip I decided to give my Instagram a makeover, and I thus deleted all my previous posts, came out with a new theme and a more visually appealing layout. Ever since I have been studying how to organically drive and boost engagement on Instagram by experimenting on my own . Besides the attractive visual part and the use of topically relevant hashtags, storyling and sharing content relating to current trends or events has seemed to work quite well. For example, on the Sunday after the London Bridge attack, I posted a picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral taken while on a lift ride in the Cheapside Shopping Centre with the caption ‘@London standing tall’. The post has received over three hundred likes in less than an hour, fact that made me acknowledge the great impact that words can have.

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available