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illustrator, artist

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Margarita Tkachenko



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My skills

I was born in small Russian city Vishni Volochek. I was edcated in Veliky Novgorod. And now i live and work in Sankt-Petersburg. I am freelancer.
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Languages Spoken

Russian (Mother Tongue) English (Beginner)

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I am illustrator. Usually I draw on computer, but I like hand drawn. I would be happy to draw some paint in wall for you. I can paint your longboard or dishes etc. Also i can help with graphic design and illustrations. My portfolio:

About Me

I want to lern English and drawn 🙂

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available


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Skills used 10.00

Punctuality & work ethic 10.00

Decision making 10.00

Sep 30 2015

Skills Used 10

Work Ethic 10

Decision Making 10


Mararita is an amazingly talented woman. She arrived at our place and immdteulay started on the project. She was keen to get on and she did a fantastic job. Much better than I had hoped for. Very hard working, good team player and great murals and drawings of the houses. Thank you so much Margarita 🙂