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Marlin Ziegenbein



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My skills

My family had a lot of animals when I was growing up and we lived surrounded by farms, so I learned early on how to take care of them. For a few years I also had my own horses, therefore I'm used to handling and grooming different horses. I don't mind physical work but also love working with people, cooking, baking, cleaning or caring for them. I've worked mostly hospitality jobs in the past (bartender/waitress/kitchen staff) so I'm experienced in working with customers as well.

Languages Spoken

German (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) French (Beginner) Dutch (Beginner)

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About Me

Horse riding has been my main hobby since I was little, but I had to sell my own horse about a year ago when I moved out of home to a new country. Otherwise I love baking, reading, nature, playing instruments, teaching and learning languages, being social and connecting with people from around the world! I'm a psychology student, so naturally that's also one of my main interests 🙂

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available