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Milda Kasparavičiūtė



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My skills

Actually I was born in 2001 but this site wants me to be older and that is really upsetting because I really want to help and work to those, who need help. I am creative, I can easily find what and how to talk with new people, I am carefully and responsible. I just have finished school and have no idea what to study, so I decided and always knew, that I want to help someone. I want to spend my time meaningful, by helping those who need my help. I believe, right now every kind help is needed.

Languages Spoken

Lithuanian (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced)

Full CV / Resume

I just have finished school. But I have some experience in volunteering and traveling.




I have helped to paint walls and ceilings inside the building at "Auksinė giria".

2018/07/20 - 2018/07/29

I have been volunteering at the festival called "Masters of Calm". Volunteering have included  checking the tickets, working in the kitchen, food distribution, selling the tickets, standing at the food bar and selling desserts, drinks.


2018/07/14 - 2018/07/19

I have volunteered in place called "Auksinė giria" (Golden forest). It is a place in the forest where happens workshops, festivals and more. I worked at the kitchen whole week, that included washing dishes, cleaning kitchen, preparing meals and food distribution to everyone at the place.


I like traveling. Usually me and my family go to the mountains so the different nature wouldn't surprise me.

I am not scared of hard or diligent work and I believe, that I can quickly learn new things so the leak of experience can be changed.


About Me

I love traveling. I love hiking in the mountains. New countries, new cultures are very interesting to me and I enjoy learning new things about them. I have huge love for nature, wild animals, sky of the night, stars, mountains. Also, I write stories, one day I would like to call them books but not yet. I enjoy painting, working out, hiking, swimming, talking with people, learning they stories and about their view of life. Now I want to learn something new, to help and spend my time meaningful.

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available