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We are an inn and hos located in the beautiful village of Hongcun, both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the setting of a few scenes in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The working environment is relatively relaxed. You will have free time everyday and one day a week for travel. You can check out Hongcun or other sites around the area, such as Xidi and Mukeng, among others.

Every night we have travellers from all over staying in our inn. You can hang out with them, play pool, play cards, play and listen to music, etc. It is a lot of fun and very interesting. You will make lots of new friends from all over China. If you are interested in Chinese, Chinese culture or just want to meet interesting people, it's a great place to volunteer!

It is better if you speak Chinese so you can chat with the guests, but English is okay too if you are not Chinese. Many Chinese people are happy to practice their English with foreigners!

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You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us everyday for free. We also provide free tea. A bed in a basement will be provided.

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