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Shakti Maya Sagarika

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Sagarika Umesh



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My skills

Photography & Video - My love for aesthetics & eye for details, helps in capturing perfect frames. I love creating Visual stories using motion media & connecting with the viewers on a personal level. Murals & Digital painting - As a traditional artist, I love free-hand sketching, acrylic paintings, murals & visionary paintings. I also make digital paintings and posters for music albums and festivals

I am also a Healer and I teach Yoga, self healing techniques & art therapy as a course.

Languages Spoken

English (Advanced) Tamil (Mother Tongue) Malayalam (Advanced) Hindi (Medium)

Full CV / Resume



Year of completion

School / College


International Diploma in Visual Arts

 2013 - 2015

Arts and Skills Institute, Riyadh (affiliated to Boxhill Institute, Australia)


Bachelors in Visual arts (BVA)

2015 - 2019

Sla Maris College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India






●       Currently teaching my own online self-healing course for women

  • 2020 worked as Online coach and healer, conducting workshops

  • ●       2019 - March, 2020   Graphic designer, Social media manager & Video editor (full time) in a company called Life By Design

●       2019 - working as an art teacher (part time) in an open school called Sankalp, for educationally challenged children

●       2015-2019- Worked as a freelance artist, painting commissions, digital design for labels and brochures, mural work for homes, schools and cafes and also teaching art. Experienced in content creation, social media marketing, blog posts & posters single-handedly for 3 different clients and also for my brand.

About Me

I am an artist in her true form, so from painting to capturing beautiful photos, I love creating.

I dance, I read a lot, I love new cultures and  cuisine, hence the love for travel

Where I am available for work and when

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