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My skills

Hi, I'm Rachel, a Swiss outdoor explorer, outdoor coach, and writer, who travels with her two dogs, cat and horse through Europe. I've done several solo Arctic expeditions and am a mindset and sport coach. I'm looking for a position for this winter (and maybe beyond) in Northern Finland so I can work while living in this country that I love! I have many language and computer skills, come from an academic background, have experience with extreme cold, winter conditions, horses and dogs.

Languages Spoken

English (Mother Tongue) French (Mother Tongue) Italian (Medium) German (Medium) Finnish (Beginner)

Full CV / Resume

The link to my CV (done for the position of wilderness guide, cancelled due to covid )

I am currently based in Switzerland after having spent more than 6 months in Rovaniemi ealier this year. I have been in love with Scandinavia, and especially with Finnish Lapland for many years now. My first time in Rovaniemi and Lapland was in 2012 for a “typical” tourist tour. And since then, I never stopped coming back and have been exploring the area on many occasions.

In 2010, I left my position as a police officer and trained self-defense teacher to become an outdoor coach and adventurer. I needed to spend more time in nature! I specialized in unsupported treks and ultralight backpacking for private clients.

This great jump into the unknown took me on many great adventures. I have been hiking to many places in Europe and in the Alps, on my own or with clients - mainly private or with small groups. I stopped that activity as a full-time job in 2016 to focus on some personal outdoor challenges I wanted to do. I did two major solo and unsupported expeditions in Scandinavia:

The first one, Hiking for the Arctic, was a 700km trek with my two dogs on the Nordkalottleden, from Kautokeino/No to Kvikjokk/S. We did it in roughly 22 days.

The second one was this last February, Arctic 1000. I left from Rovaniemi to do a 1’000km loop all the way up to Ivalo-Inari and back, on skis and pulka, totally unsupported. I managed to cover 700km in about three weeks on the route I had designed. It has been quite an extreme experience! The snow conditions were indeed extreme this year! And I finally had to stop due to material Anyway, it was amazing, and I was happy with the way I handled the cold temperatures and rough conditions.

I also did some Arctic races, in particular three times the Rovaniemi 150 Arctic races on foot, once the 150km and twice the 300km. I was the first woman to have ever finished it in 2017. Last year I worked as a volunteer.

For the preparation of Arctic 1000, I decided to spend the winter season in Rovaniemi and moved there with my dogs, cat, and horse early December 2019. Due to COVID-19, I was lucky enough to stay a bit longer and finally drove back at the end of last month. It allowed me to learn more about the region, made new s and brush up my Finnish! I am now the happy owner of a rehomed 5-year-old husky.

I have seen the name of your company on many occasions when I was around Rovaniemi, so when I saw the advert, I decided to you!  After many years as an independent and a very demanding year to prepare Arctic 1000, I feel the need for a change. It would be refreshing and inspiring to work for your Rovaniemi and/or Levi team.

I believe that my experience as an outdoor coach and adventurer, the skills I have developed through my different expeditions, as well as my language skills and my professional background are valuable experience. I love to share my passion for nature, the wide-open spaces, and animals. I am optimistic by nature, like to uplift and inspire people and always prefer to focus on the solution rather than the problem. I have a creative spirit and like to keep learning new skills and things and working with your company would give me that opportunity. I do not mind cold temperatures, hard conditions and demanding hours.

You will find detailed information on my resume and more about me on my site.




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About Me

I have many interests as I am so passionate by life! My preferences go to animals, nature and Scandinavia. I love Finnish culture and am learning suomi. I've been with horses all my life and am particularly interested in the way we work and interact with them. I like also renovating furniture and buildings (we owned a old stone house in Switzerland that we renovated). I'm a keen reader and love writing. I use my language and computer skills to connect with people and love sharing and teaching.

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available