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Hajar Alexandre



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My skills

I am an professional 2 d animator  in making  a Japanese anime and learning 3d animation for video game design Im working on the 2d story first because I can do it quicker .I like to keep things classy and Original am open to teaching your children to draw 2 d animate and am more inligent than most  smartest back in elementary we would be quizzed for 60 seconds to do multiple questions test and I would always finish first so that kind of explain the kind of blessed mentality I have .

Languages Spoken

English (Mother Tongue) Spanish (Medium) Japanese (Medium) Korean (Medium)

Full CV / Resume

this is my art portfolio that was just rough drafts 

About Me

A real business I’m trying to get started and being in the country where it originated from  would be a truly honor .It is art and I’m just showing you that I can make an full anime series I just need the motivation america has really been make me feel unmotivated ❤️Children love me because I know how to relate to them because I have not forgotten my childhood and I could give very good deep life hope we can cheer each tiger up during this Covid odd time ❤️I’m very nice and lovi

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available