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Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean country that sits on the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It’s made up of multiple islands and used to be part of the British Empire.

With more affordable options than some of the other more expensive islands, this is a place that’s off the beaten track yet is familiar enough for newer backpackers to travel in.

So if you want to work and travel in Antigua and Barbuda you need to know where to go. This travel guide to Antigua and Barbuda is going to show you just that.

1. Help Rebuild the Islands in Antigua and Barbuda

Hurricane Irma devastated these islands. They’re not expected to recover for many years as they lack a major economy and are looking at receiving little to no help from the rest of the world.

Anyone with a strong back and a good pair of hands should consider travel in Antigua and Barbuda so they can help rebuild this stricken country.

No matter how good you are at DIY, small holdings across the island of Barbuda are especially keen to take you in. Remember that 95% of all structures on Barbuda were destroyed.

2. Work at an Animal Sanctuary in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has a lot of animals. Donkeys are still common amongst the poorer classes and farmers. A number of organisations have been setup across the country to help donkeys in need.

If you love animals, you could work in Antigua and Barbuda in an animal sanctuary. You’ll have the opportunity to nurse stricken animals back to life again. Some of your work may even involve helping to find good homes for rehabilitated animals.

You don’t need to be a qualified vet or need any previous experience in this field to find a position in an animal sanctuary on these islands.

3. Join the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda

It’s true that tourism has been nearly destroyed since Hurricane Irma in 2017. However, Antigua, which is the island at the heart of the tourism industry, was largely spared the devastation of its neighbour

Work has already begun on getting the famous luxury resorts open again. And they need volunteers who are willing to help.

You could work in a small guest house, a major hotel, or a resort that encompasses multiple white, sandy beaches. Cleaners, receptionists, backpackers who’re good at DIY, and scuba diving/surfing instructors are all in demand.


Antigua and Barbuda follows largely the same route as other Caribbean nations when it comes to visas. They’re extraordinarily generous. Anyone from Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are entitled to come to the country visa free for up to 180 days.

The same applies to many African countries, such as South Africa, as well as Russia. Countries like China and Mexico, on the other hand, are only entitled to stay in the country for 30 days without a visa.

For backpackers not from these countries who want to take advantage of volunteer opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda, they either need to find an embassy or they will be able to attend British diplomatic missions. The latter only applies if Antigua and Barbuda doesn’t have an embassy in your country.

You may also take advantage of the relatively new Antigua and Barbuda eVisa system.



Spring in Antigua and Barbuda is one of the more pleasant times to be in the country. It’s not the high season, so prices are lower, and rainfall is light during March.

You may want to consider conservation work at this time of year on both islands. But because spring is the least chaotic time of the year, weather and tourism wise, it’s also a good time to pick up construction work on the stricken island of Barbuda.

There are more volunteer opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda than ever before if you operate in this field.


The summer season is the beginning of the hurricane season. But don’t fear coming to the country at this time of year. Bad hurricane seasons, like that of 2017, are comparatively rare, so you’re in no real danger if you watch the weather carefully.

Hurricanes during the summer tend to be less severe than in the autumn and this is considered the low season. However, it’s an excellent time to go into the major cities, such as St. John’s. You could involve yourself in community projects involving underprivileged children.

There’s also the option to work in Antigua and Barbuda in animal sanctuaries within the cities.


Autumn season is the height of the hurricane season. Expect heavy rainfall and the possibility of high winds. But as we mentioned before, rarely do hurricane seasons pose a serious threat to life.

During this season, you should consider applying for positions in hotels and resorts. The majority of these jobs like to fill their positions a few months in advance. Trying to apply for these jobs in the middle of the tourist season is often fruitless.


Winter is peak season in the country. Despite recent natural disasters crippling the tourism industry, thousands of people still travel in Antigua and Barbuda every year.

This is the best time of year for anyone who possesses qualifications in snorkelling, surfing, and anything to do with sailing.

On a side note, the English harbours of the island tend to be filled with ships from all over the world. Head down to the marina and you could land yourself a job on one of these boats.


Antigua and Barbuda is a country with a long colonial history. But it’s also a highly educated country. People from all over the world gather here every year. It’s a real melting point of different cultures, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

It’s true that there’s problems with employment here, but it’s not a third-world country and you’re unlikely to run into any hostility when you work and travel in Antigua and Barbuda.

Are you ready to work in a Caribbean paradise this year?

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