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Barbados is known as the Little Britain of the Caribbean due to its long history as a British colony. This makes it a favourite adventuring hotspot for travellers. The problem is if you want to travel in Barbados you need the money to do it. Caribbean rum doesn’t come cheap.

Look for volunteering opportunities in Barbados and do something different this year. There are a wealth of chances to work and travel in Barbados. Put away your travel guide for Barbados and find out more about the real opportunities to enrich yourself by reading on.

1. Volunteer with the National Trust in Barbados

Barbados has a wealth of historical and architectural treasures. The National Trust is committed to restoring and preserving them across the island. They take on volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.

You could be a photographer keeping accurate records of the various sites. There’s the chance to get involved in the restoration work of some properties. And there’s the chance to educate yourself about the history of the island under the British.

2. Preserve Religion with the Urban Ministry in Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital of the island and the Urban Ministry has church outreach programmes that take on volunteers. You don’t need to be a fervent Christian to get involved in these volunteer programmes. You’ll be helping with preserving churches and maintaining them. You may even be able to get involved with spreading awareness of the church in the local community.

It’s a very different volunteering opportunity in Barbados for those who want to integrate themselves into the local culture.

3. Work in an Animal Sanctuary in Bridgetown

Like a lot of other islands in the Caribbean, stray animals are a big problem. Animal sanctuaries have popped up in the capital to help take animals off the streets and have them rehomed with loving families. If you’re an animal lover or you have specific professional experience working with animals, work and travel in Barbados whilst you volunteer at an animal sanctuary.

It’s extremely rewarding and is a real boon to an island that suffers from record numbers of homeless animals.


Like the vast majority of Caribbean nations, few visitors require a visa to visit the country. UK citizens are entitled to stay for 180 days without the need for a visa. The rest of the European Union (EU) is entitled to stay for 90 days when they arrive. The same policy applies to the North American countries.

South Africans, Kiwis, and Australians fall under the same policy as UK citizens and can stay for six months. Citizens of South Korea and Japan can stay for 90 days.

Russian citizens are able to enter Barbados without a visa, but they’re only entitled to stay for 28 days under the terms of a conventional tourist visa.



The springtime until June is generally pleasant and doesn’t bring any significant rainfall. For heritage projects that take place in an outdoor area, this is the time to start hunting them down. Work and travel in Barbados is pleasant at this time of year and it’s just at the end of the main tourist season.


The summer is the worst time of year for being outside. This is the main rainy season, although the risk of cyclones is much lower than in the rest of the Caribbean. Heavy rainfall can strike for most of the afternoon. The only saving grace is that the porousness of the island means that flooding is rare.

However, kids in Barbados have a similar summer holiday as those in Europe. Joining up with summer camps is ideal at this time of year. It could be a sports camp or it could be a study camp. Despite the rains, there’s more than enough time for outdoor fun with the kids.

Apply for these well in advance of summer as positions tend to be taken up quickly.


The end of the rainy season arrives in October, which heralds the beginning of the shoulder season before all the tourists choose to arrive again. This time of year isn’t ideal for finding seasonal work in Barbados. The kids are back at school and many of the tourist industries are not up and running just yet.

Use this time to travel in Barbados and sample the country, or line up some projects for the winter.


Winter brings a great range of opportunities for work and travel in Barbados. First of all, you could work as part of a surf camp or a diving camp. If you have the relevant certifications there are even paying positions for backpackers in the country.

Another option is to work in a Barbados guesthouse. These guesthouses are all over the island and often decide to hire volunteers for the high season.

Finally, another excellent opportunity could come in the form of working in the various harbours. These ports of call are filled with boats from all over the world. Many people take this opportunity to embark on a northern Caribbean voyage and often need some extra hands to help with the functions of the boat and general maintenance. If you already have experience you should have no problem finding this sort of work.

It may even be your ticket out of Barbados!


Barbados is one of the richer islands in the Caribbean, so you’re unlikely to have any trouble taking whatever positions you come across. Work and travel in Barbados is easy, convenient, and UK citizens always get a warm welcome. The official language of the county is English so opportunities are abound.

The lack of a backpacking culture in Barbados means that you don’t get the same irritating touts trying to rip off foreigners. Overall, this is a pleasant if expensive country to work and travel in.

Are you ready to start your Caribbean challenge with work and travel in Barbados?

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