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Bermuda is one of Britain’s overseas territories in the Caribbean. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, most people associate Bermuda with package holidays and golf courses. But if you want to work and travel in Bermuda you can see a different side of this country.

We need to mention that getting one of the volunteer opportunities in Bermuda is hard. Priority is always given to locals or the spouses of locals. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance, though.

Read through our travel guide to Bermuda to find out about the backpacking jobs on offer.

1. Keep Bermuda Healthy

Bermuda has a number of volunteer healthcare organisations that work with the poorer people of the island. For example, the Red Cross has a workforce where 96% of people are volunteers.

Most of these roles do require you to have previous healthcare qualifications and experience. However, a backpacker who just wants to volunteer can also find a place. Some prospective doctors and nurses even decide to backpack Bermuda with the intention of adding some healthcare experience to their CVs.

You should consider applying a few months in advance for these positions.

2. Work in a Resort in Bermuda

Bermuda is known for its resorts and huge mansion houses for a reason. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the Caribbean.

During the high season, there’s a lot of extra help in the resorts. As you work and travel in Bermuda, you’ll discover that there are a lot of casual jobs for those who only want to work for a few months.

Most roles involve mundane work in exchange for accommodation, but it’s vital experience that you could add to a future job application.

3. Develop Communities in Bermuda

When you first realise you want to travel in Bermuda you’ll look at the advertisements and see nothing but class. But behind all that there are poor communities living across the island. Many of them go forgotten, with little access to good education and few prospects.

Get away from the tourist sites and enter these communities. You’ll have the chance to help with education, health, and with the elderly/disabled.

You don’t need additional qualifications. Many charities simply want someone who’s willing to work hard.


As we already mentioned, it can be difficult to get a job in Bermuda because of the work permit situation. For more info click here. It’s likely that you will have to apply months in advance and get some luck. The work permit is important mainly if you’re working with established charities. It’s much easier to work and travel in Bermuda if you work with private hosts.

The immigration policy of Bermuda used to be complex because it operates separately from the UK as an overseas territory, but in March 2014 it was simplified. Now all foreign nationals are able to enter for up to 90 days. However, non-Westerners should always have evidence of pre-booked accommodation for the duration of their stay and an onward ticket.

It’s also possible to pick up an extension. Extensions must be applied for before an initial 21-day stay ends. They can be rejected, but it’s rare for that to happen.



The spring time is the season after the low season. Unlike other islands in the region, the Atlantic Ocean means that the high season is typically throughout the summer months.

Spring time is a good time to work in community development. It’s too early to work in resorts and hotels, but spring means that you won’t have too many problems dealing with the rain.

You may also want to consider getting involved in the education sector. If you possess a TEFL qualification, you will have an advantage in securing one of the volunteer opportunities in Bermuda.


The summer season is the high season. It’s the best time for any traveller who wants to work in the tourism sector. We do recommend that you apply for a position a couple of months in advance because most hotels and resorts prefer to have their team ready before the tourists arrive.

The golf resorts are particularly popular and always need casual workers at this time of year. If you happen to have any experience in golf, you may even be able to secure work as a coach of some kind.

Anyone involved in diving and/or sailing may also want to consider applying for these relevant roles. Backpackers with previous experience, such as a PADI qualification, are best placed to work and travel in Bermuda during the summer months.


You should refer back to the ‘Spring’ section for more information on the various roles specific to this time of year.

There are still a lot of tourists in Bermuda in autumn, though. If you were already working in a resort or hotel, you will likely have the chance to expand your placement.


Winter time is low season in Bermuda. There are no specific rainy seasons in Bermuda, but rain can be sporadic in winter.

Most of the available volunteer jobs will revolve around health and education. It’s a great time to make your way from the coastline and into the interior of the country. Helping children with their education as a private tutor is a good choice for winter in Bermuda.


Bermuda’s government was worried about the number of undocumented workers in the country. That’s why they tightened up their regulations. Spot checks are made on businesses to ensure that everyone has the correct work permit. We strongly recommend following the rules and regulations in Bermuda because you could be easily deported if you get caught.

Bermuda does have a native population, but it’s largely become a playground of the rich in the last few decades. The only problems you’re likely to have as you work and travel in Bermuda is with the authorities if you don’t follow the rules.

Try to have a position already secured before you arrive on the island.

Are you ready to travel in Bermuda?

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