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The Cayman Islands are known as the place where rich people go to hide their money. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel in the Cayman Islands. They’re located in the Western Caribbean and are something of a paradise by themselves.

Rarely mentioned by backpackers, you can work and travel in the Cayman Islands and see more of what this British Overseas Territory has to offer.

Our travel guide to the Cayman Islands is going to show you what you need to go there and some of the incredible volunteer opportunities available now.

1. Community Outreach Programs in the Cayman Islands

Anyone who comes to work in the Cayman Islands will find that the most common option for volunteering work is community outreach.

Believe it or not, it’s not just dodgy bankers who live here. Community outreach programs require volunteers to go out into the local community and help with everything from managing play groups to helping children improve with their reading skills.

These are rewarding and bring you into direct contact with the locals who actually were born and raised here.

2. Work at an Animal Shelter in the Cayman Islands

If you work and travel in the Cayman Islands you’ll soon discover that not everyone is rich and not everyone is living the good life. This goes doubly so for the cats and dogs of the island. Many of them have been abandoned and animal shelters are there to give them a better life.

Spend some time working in one of these animal shelters. Yes, qualified vets are always in high demand, but you don’t need to be a professional to work in them.

Dedicating your time can involve something as simple as feeding the animals and walking them a couple of times per day. If you love animals this is the job for you.

3. Survey Iguanas in the Cayman Islands

Like many Caribbean islands, wild iguanas are a common sight. One of the most exciting volunteer opportunities in the Cayman Islands is surveying iguanas.

Many parts of these islands are nearly uninhabited by humans. Anyone with a good level of physical fitness who doesn’t mind working in the wild will be a perfect fit for a volunteering job like this.

You’ll be working in the wilderness tracking and protecting these creatures. Furthermore, you’ll usually be given both shared accommodation and use of a project vehicle.

For anyone who wants to experience the true nature of the Cayman Islands, this is the project for them.


Like all British Overseas Territories, the Cayman Islands operate a separate and distinct visa policy from the UK.

All UK, European Union (EU), Japanese, Australian, South African, and Kiwi citizens can enter the Cayman Islands without a visa for up to six months. For Americans and Canadians, they can only stay in the country for 30 days without a visa and have to arrive directly from their home countries.

South Koreans and Russians need to apply for a visa in advance from their nearest embassy. Take note that if no embassy for the Cayman Islands is present, they’re usually able to apply from any UK embassy, but with added fees involved.



Spring time is a combination of dry and cool up until the middle of April. From here, the rainy season begins, which can make outdoor work in the Cayman Islands difficult to deal with.

Throughout most of spring, we recommend spending your time with community outreach programs. These will keep you in the urbanised areas and away from the majority of the rains.


During the summer season, you will find that this is the middle of the rainy season in this part of the world. We don’t recommend that you travel in the Cayman Islands at this time of year because there’s very little work available.

You should refer back to the previous section for more information on the things you can do during the summer. We also recommend contacting local animal shelters to see if they need your help.


The rainy season lasts until the beginning of November, but some years it may end as early as late October. This is the perfect time to begin looking into some of the projects that will take you into the wild.

Iguana surveying is always popular amongst volunteers at the end of autumn. You can also find jobs mapping out hiking trails with GPS tools.

There’s also a limited amount of conservation work both inland and on the coastlines, but these volunteer opportunities in the Cayman Islands can be sparing.


The winter time is the ideal period of the year to travel in the Cayman Islands. Every type of project listed so far is available in winter.

Additionally, you may be able to find work in some of the exclusive resorts on the island. If you have any previous hospitality experience you stand yourself a much better chance of finding a job.

Furthermore, if you enjoy working with boats many sailing vessels from across the Caribbean dock in the Cayman Islands. Working as part of the crew or simply cleaning the underside of boats whilst they’re in port can make for an interesting and unique project.


One could argue that the Cayman Islands are something of a paradise for foreigners these days. You’ll find individuals from all over the world, either holidaying or living on the islands.

Don’t worry about the attitudes of the people who live here. Colonisation happened so long ago that the sight of a foreigner won’t raise an eyebrow. The chances are you won’t even get a second look on the street.

This is why work and travel in the Cayman Islands is an ideal project for backpackers looking for their first worthwhile experience.

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